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This idea is stolen (with permission) from @OneBoot. Last year she took a Bones Hydra and put wings on it to paint as a mock up for her own Ma'al Drakkar. It was most fun to watch. Husband loved the idea so much that he had to have one with traditional Tiamat colors to match our Ma'al when I get to painting him. Here is her original WIP:


This is my first conversion and will be my first dip into the world of sculpting green stuff. Which I'll need to do to make it look like there are scales around the wings instead of just, well, blobs of green stuff. Okay, that's enough of an intro post so let's get too it.


ETA: Sorry in advance in the pictures are big.

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I, like Oneboot, took a Hydra and the wings from Rauthuros to put this together.






I cut them in tow and cut the little tab off of them. Then I did some creative carving until I found what I thought would look like a good angle for the wings to go on at. I know it will make painting a little (a lot?) more difficult in the long run to do but I glued the heads on to find a good angle for the wings. I have not actually attached the wings as of yet. I also had to cut down the peg like bit on the left set of heads because it was leaving a large gap and I didn't want to have to do more green stuffing. 


So next step is to brown liner everything and then figure out how to get the wings to attach solidly. I don't have the means to pin anything currently so I'm hoping glue and green stuff will be enough. The wings seem light enough that that should work, so we'll find out!

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Broke out the GS and am starting to try to get the right shapes down.  Probably should have pinned the wing but I didn't have anything handy to pin it with.



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Got the wing in with a little difficulty. Didn't take the time to pin it because I was impatient to start up on it. This means that before the green stuff cured it kept sagging until I propped it up with a bottle of super glue. But it is now cured and in place.


I got a few scales in before I gave up for the night, the GS was too soft too properly sculpt. It could have just needed to cure more before I tried or I need sharper sculpting tools. Gonna try to carefully carve them out with an xacto today, maybe. Will definitely try to get the second wing on though. The way it's sculpted it is at a different angle than the first one. So getting them somewhat even might be difficult. I took pictures beforehand of the angles that I think they should be at, roughly. 


Here's the wing attached and maybe you can see some of the scales near the bottom of the GS.




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On 3/10/2018 at 10:18 AM, Chaoswolf said:

Cool project, I look forward to seeing it take shape!:winkthumbs:

 What wolfy said!! If I was even a tiny bit handy with modding, I might be tempted with something similar..

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1 minute ago, eldamir said:

 What wolfy said!! Is I was even a tent bit handy with modding, I might be tempted with something similar..


I definitely wouldn't call myself handy at all. This is my first mod ever so I'm hoping it'll come out well without too much trial and error.

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Wow.. autocorrupt did a real number on that post... I should learn to pay more attention to things like that. :/

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Wings are off! Did a really bad job with scale sculpting so pulled everything off to start over. Currently waiting for the glue to dry before I try the GS again.

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I got the left wing on after much difficulty and cursing. It didn't want to super glue to the spot so I just went the route of GS to hold it on. This has left me with an awkward area. I'm trying to flesh out the musculature a bit but I'm not sure if it's working well or if you can see it at all.


I'm trying to let the GS cure long enough to keep the wing from slipping out of place but not so hard that I can't sculpt. I'm worried if I put another layer of it on it'd be too bulky.


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Slept on it and called the messing with GS done. Might boil the wings to straighten them out a little though. Overall, I'm happy with it so far. 



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From the front the wings look a little wonky but it's good enough. They got a little bent on the way home so I will be boiling just the wings to get them back into a shape that I like and maybe a better angle. I'm not terribly happy with my sculpting on it's left wing. I figure if it's really bad I can go back and fill it in with some brush on sealer and then paint over it to make it look like scales.



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