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I'm almost done color scheming for this. I have no idea what colors to use for the black head though. I don't have a lot of blacks/black like colors currently. Also, trying to figure out a good color for the belly scales and back spines. 


Looks like it's time to consult the Google machine.

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I've got most of the body base coated. I've also base coated the red and green heads. I used black green as a base for my green head and it is much darker once dried, I think I can work with it though. I'm really not sure how to handle the black head though. If any one has tips on that I'll take what I can get.

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A couple of tips I got from Corporea are to keep 75% of your black areas black (so it doesn't look gray from too much highlighting), and alo to use a very dark blue or purple (or even green) in the shaded areas, since oddly those read as more black than straight black. :) 


I'm excited to see how your baby Ma'al turns out! ^_^



--OneBoot :D 

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Got the heads based. Pretty impressed with the Bones Dragon White, good coverage for only two coats. Need to bring the green head up a lot, too dark currently.


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The Bones Dragon White is a really crisp white, and brighter than the Pure White I think. Lately Scale 75's Purity White has been my favorite white though. It is silky smooth on the brush and thins like a dream. Haven't used it for base coating, however. 

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Back at it. Still layering up red on the wings, should've put a little less blue liner or a more thinned liner on the wings. Getting this as bright as I want it is turning out to be a slow process.

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Watching your progress makes it very tempting to make a metal copy using 14445 and 14417 since I love the metal in general!


But $100 is a lot !!! Lol

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