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Splitting this one off into his own thread, in order to reduce clutter in the original thread, and also because he won't be a random rainbow dragon anymore.


An employee at a local gaming store introduced me to this model, and shortly after seeing it I pretty much decided I very much so wanted to get my paws on it...  So I did!  Thing is, I don't plan on doing him up in telltale metallic colours, but instead as more of a synthetic creature with a few mechanical elements.


There will be a number of firsts for me with this project...

  • First time drilling and pinning a mini
  • First time painting and THEN assembling a mini
  • Very well might be my first time I start sculpting in a few additional elements in order to have it fully fit my theme (one thought right now is making the engine look a lot more biological)
  • First time removing parts to add back in later (front leg armour plates will block details on the legs, so will be temporarily removed and then added back on later)



^Right out of the box, I had an issue or two with his design.  First and foremost, while those wings are indeed rather gorgeous, they go straight vertical, which bugs me, simply because they hide so much detail, not to mention I personally feel that if it's a mechanical dragon it would have been designed to at least fold up it's wings when they weren't in use.  Secondly, it would have meant I would have to have another element that's painted and then assembled, and I'm more into assembly first, paint second.  Third, all those various extra details along his spine would be pointless at most angles, since they'd be concealed by the gargantuan wings.



^So some clippers came out, a few snips and twenty minutes of sanding later, we have it so I can maneuver the wings, and make use of that obvious hinge...  Add in a decent amount of blutak to hold it in place temporarily...



^And we now have a much more agreeable to me wingspan!  There's a lot more that can be done with this in my eyes as well, as he could be about to take off, just landing, etc


That was last week, and catching up from the previous thread.  Now let's get onto the good stuff, aka where we're standing today!



^First and foremost, I drilled three pins total per wing... Two 1mm, and one 1.5mm.  Three was probably overkill, but I wanted to be downright certain they'd stay in place.  I also though they'd be easier to guide in, but boy was I wrong on that front!  Took quite a while to get everything lined up how I wanted it.



^A bit of superglue later, and we have a cameo appearance from Citadel's Undercoat Black, a paint I used to be able to mark just where I was to drill along the inside of where the wing tabs were originally to go.



^Alternate angles showing off his current wingspan, as well as the gaps I'm going to get to fill, and maybe add some additional details into.  We'll see what precisely happens, but I already have two different ideas dancing in my head about what to do there, with one being electrical wiring, cogs/gears, and various other things to play up on the mechanical side, while the other one is trying to go with the thought of some sort of liquid latex muscle structure.  Second one is arguably riskier, but would definitely convey my idea a lot better.

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5 hours ago, Leader of the Rats said:

Go with the gears and wires but don't be like me and over-do it. :unsure:


The main thought that seems to ring to me on that front is, per wing, two gears, and then maybe a few wires, potentially as a bundle (or just one single medium thickness cable), but I'm still uncertain on the wires...  With the gears straddling that wing joint/hinge along the inside.  I could also delve a tad further with that, and make it seems like there's a transaxle of sorts connecting the engine that's on his spine to said wings...  Such would allow me to play up the mechanical side of things as being predominatelt for flight, while the rest of the dragon is synthetic (or living latex with a skeleton, which is a form of synth creature). 


The really fun part is going to be striking that balance between the synthetic creature side of things, and the mechanical. 

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I haven't forgotten about him, it's just that I've mainly been trying to stick to just one dragon at a time on the table.  Something about there only being so much room or such sillyness ::P: 


It's incremental work, but work none the less.



^ Removed the armour plates on the two front legs, and then drilled holes for pinning and later assembly.  The details under those plates are just too nice to conceal outright.



^Had what turned out to be a decent amount of mixed green stuff leftover after filling in some gaps on two minis for my FFHH army, and so I started filling in the gap on one wing.  It's not quite there, and will take at least another session on his right wing for filling, and then another for details (that I'm still kind of working on, but I'm definitely feeling the idea of working a pair of gears per wing in there), while the left wing I'm hoping to have the fill in part be a single round, but that naturally depends on how much I wind up putting together in a batch next time ^_^




...He's going to continue to be a slower, side project for the time being, but given how much I enjoyed doing this and that with him this weekend I have a feeling he's going to muscle himself onto the table anyways, especially as a few more ideas start to flow into my mind as to how he's going to be a hybrid of mechanical and synthetic design.

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Check out guitar strings for wires ... the thick base kind , they came in very handy when I converted 2 heroclix sentinels to WH40K Knight titans ... the thick coiled look of the base strings look great on figures that are supposed to be ginormous ...

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1 hour ago, Boaz said:

Check out guitar strings for wires ... the thick base kind , they came in very handy when I converted 2 heroclix sentinels to WH40K Knight titans ... the thick coiled look of the base strings look great on figures that are supposed to be ginormous ...

I'll definitely keep such in mind, although the more I think about this and that the less likely wires are to be added - instead it would be more of a synthetic sinewey kind of thing. 


... That and gears are kinda neat, and there's this almost steampunk kind of vibe to this dragon's sculpt (that I may or may not play on, honestly can't decide) 



(edit).... Would have been progress today but I let my audio geek take over, and went shopping for a new microphone.  Now have the big brother to the one I had, a new audio interface (designed for said microphone, and packaged at a much cheaper rate than solo with it), and a good boom arm.  Mmm, going to ha e a nice Rode setup on my desk in a few weeks ^_^


Greenstuff will hopefully happen tomorrow, as I'd love to finish filling in his wings and continue working on other areas for initial prep.  I'm also contemplating various additions to his wings, but haven't quite decided what just yet.  They don't feel "complete and detailed" to me just yet, as if they need more surface texture to fit the whole hybrid idea I'm running with. (end edit) 

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Looking at these pics, how Wyrmgear is at the moment almost gives this "mechanical viking ship" kind of look.  Doubly so with the angles of some of my pictures....


Anyways!  Did most of the bulk fill-in on the cavities where the wings join into the body.  Wow, greenstuff gets a LOT harder to work with after 40 minutes or so, but it more or less co-operated.  I wanted to continue onwards, but it was getting stiffer by the minute, so I instead decided to use what was left to make a few bases for my Skaven army.  Either way, I used up two thirds of what I made for Wyrmgear, so I'm quite happy in that regards, as I'm getting a tad closer to being able to more accurately guesstimate how much I'll need to mix ^_^ 



^So first we have the left side...



^And the right side!



Uh... Uhm...  I had something I was going to say here, what was it.  Uhm....  Oh right!  Yes, I know both sides aren't even at the moment, and one side was definitely a lot more "rushed" compared to the other (the right side was semi-rushed) simply because I didn't quite know how much more time I had left with the putty, but at the end of things I was sitting at around 50-55 minutes, and so decided instead of continuing to mess with it, I'd get as much as I could done.  Next time I'll make half as much, so I don't feel the need to rush.  As some actual sculptors might say, a small amount at a time lets you get good results, or something to that effect.


With the wings...  I'm still contemplating the idea of the gears along the inside connecting the "engine" and the wings, simply because I'm kind of running with the idea of a sentient synthetic dragon "acquiring" the various components in order to not only be more armoured, but also have the benefits of flight without having to take on too many modifications itself.  Why fix what isn't broken, kind of deal, from the dragon's perspective.  That and having the wings and engine get a more "posessed/taken over" kind of look to them.  No, not tendrils and tentacles, that's chaos and other stuff.  I'm thinking simply along the lines of making it more "integrated" looking.  Can't quite figure out the words to type, quite possibly because of how tired I am.


...I do know though that a reasonable amount of those hard edges are quite possibly going buh bai....  At least around his wing bases, and maybe even partially up the wings too.

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As usual, progress on this guy has been slow, but that's due to a few things, some of which have made it so I've been slow on updating other projects of mine (like Civ VI, Destiny 2, Heroes Of The Storm (HOTS), StarCraft II, etc), but in all honesty, I don't quite mind it being somewhat slow for progress, since it's allowed me to come up with various different ideas, filter through them in my head, and then bring them to life as I go.


Been trying to think of a few different ways of making the wings look how I want them to, and finally think I've come up with something that should hopefully work, and not weigh too too much.  I'm curious as to what the thoughts others have on such though, especially given the whole synthetic kind of creature idea I have. ^_^;;;


Images are now being hosted on my site, simply because I want to have a centralized area to put them in - well, that and so I'm not just using my web hosting as a glorified email server. ^_^;;;;;;

EDIT: Or I'll stick to keeping them on the forum, since for some reason if I link to the image, it doesn't create a smaller version of it.

EDIT2: Figured it out.  I have to post the thumbnail version so I'm not violating forum rules, and then have that LINK to the full sized one.  Extra couple of steps, but it's workable.






^As usual when I don't want to quite commit to something permanently, or I want to try and work on a skill first, out comes the playdough, in this case maybe 0.25 Oz or so of it?  I barely dented the 4 Oz thing of the stuff I was using, if that counts..  Also, if it counts, I only wound up using one of my sculpting tools, because a) I have no idea what each of them does, and b) it just seemed to work, so I ran with it.


Work was done on the wings because I couldn't quite figure out what my plans were for the spine area still, and I had a few ideas I wanted to try out on the wings.  This was the first one, and I'm more or less happy with it, so figure I'll stick with it once I figure out a way to layer it on slightly thinner (kind of like that part where it's in the middle, that feels thin enough to me where it adds detail, but shouldn't add too too much weight).


In essence, with the wings, I'm wanting to preserve some of the mechanical structure it has, add in some natural texture, and then make it all look like this cohesive synthetic, smooth latex and mechanical hybrid...  If that makes any sense.  I'd link to a picture or two for reference, sadly the artist that gives me the inspiration for such things is kind of an adults only artist - draws amazing synthetic and rubber/latex creatures, unfortunately it's almost all material that can't be linked to on this forum (or most online forums, truth be told!)




...After some breakfast, I have a feeling I'm going to break out the epoxy putties, although at the moment I haven't quite figured out which one I'll be going with...  Whether it'll be Magic Sculpt, Green Stuff, or actually finally break out that Apoxie Sculpt I so had to buy two months ago and haven't touched yet ^_^ 

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After a few tries, I got it to do what I wanted it to ^_^
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Got another idea I wanted to test out before mixing up the epoxy...  His horns, there's just something that doesn't quite feel "right" with them.....  Was kind of tricky getting somewhat like the effect I was looking for with the PlayDoh though, since it doesn't really hold in place, but it's a start of an idea that I'll expand on once the two part epoxy sculpting putties come out...


Camera on mobile was used due to my G85's battery being on the charger, and hubby playing room scale VR ::P:




It isn't the prettiest, but there's also a bit of perspective distortion going on given how close I have my phone to the mini.  In essence, the thought is to add a bit more texture to the horns, and then quite possibly have five ridges along said horns.

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Well now, that was...  Quite a bit of fun.  Accidentally mixed up what felt like waaaay too much sculpting putting, and I definitely wound up getting too much Apoxie Sculpt, but that's life...  Had what felt like a mixture of about 2.25:1 Apoxie to Green Stuff, give or take, but that's life...  After it was all mixed, it was rather lovely to work with.  In order to get a real quick feel of how the mix was, I made up ten 25mm bases for my Skaven army, and then I got to work on what I'd planned from before.


As in the previous post, clicking the images will pull them up on my hosting in full size.




So that's the start of the wing.  Sculpting putty... doesn't quite like being that thin, I've noticed, but it seems to be holding.  We'll see tomorrow morning after it's cured, and hopefully it stayed on >.>;;;;;




^Since I had a bit left, and I wanted him to look more organic than he comes in the box....  He got a nose horn that's more, well, organic. ^_^


Next round?  I'm going to give him a bath since I got sculpter's vaseline all over a lot of him, then finish the outside part of his left wing...  Then rinse and repeat a day later, on the inside of said wing.  Somewhere in all of that I intend on getting his long horns looking organic-ish, aka more textured but still sticking to the theme of having him resemble the original model, just in my more... Synthetic kind of vision.




Edit the third (since the first was too soon, second was fixing link coding): Figured I'd add in a bit more detail, for anyone who might be curious, and/or for me to just ramble on a bit more about it all.  About 80% was done by paw (by hand), including the smoothing and shaping, with a combination of fingertips and even the edge of my nails used to get the ridges.  Naturally, the additional detail within the putty was done by one of my sculpting tools (the one that's kind of like a scalpel on one side, and then a tiny scoop/spoon on the other - I made a LOT of use of that scoop for the tinier areas my large fingers couldn't get into without flattening everything), and for the synthetic skin parts I made use of my GreenStuffWorld plain roller to try and flatten it further, but actually found that to be somewhat of a nuisance as it didn't really like cooperating in this case.  Oh well, got things relatively thin which made it a lot easier to apply, and then smooth things out.


I'm still somewhat worried about the wings being a touch too heavy in the end, but this is where I playfully say I'm thankful I did do that triple pinning on each wing, right?  ....Since back then, I totally wasn't planning on texturing up the wings, oddly enough, but I digress!

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Hit submit too soon. oops. Also incorrect link coding. ^_^;;;;
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Exterior side of the left wing is now, more or less done, and curing...  At least the synthetic parts.  I'm going to have to raise the mechanical parts a bit more I figure, since I'd like them to be a bit more obvious...  Still debating on that though.


Clicking the picture will pull up it's full size on my hosting. :)


EDIT: That part that's drooping...  Hopefully I've fixed it ^_^;;;;

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Quick update today.  Inside of left wing is all green, with a lot more detail than stock now! 




I'm still debating if I'm going to go over the mechanical areas with greenstuff, or have it look more like its been partially overtaken by the synthetic whatever wharchamacallit ^_^


Update is before coffee, since coffee is cooling down somewhat first, and soooooo tired since I was up much later than planned last night since I mixed a bit too much sculpting putty and didn't want to waste it ^_^;;;;


Camera phone picture because of previously mentioned quickly update ^_^

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It's... been a while.  Been a lot going on, most notably multiple heat waves.  Won't write much because OMG PAWS ARE SOOO SORE....



^I reaaaally should have put some brass rods into those horns first, but oh well.  We'll see how they turn out.  I'm hoping for a semi-solid base to go off of so i can add a second layer and the detail of the horns, but worst case scenario it's a case of slice it off and go again.


As for the flagstone attempt, well, I had some left over that was so tough I could barely knead it together, so I decided to mess around somewhat and see what could be done with it...  Doubly so since I keep getting ideas pop into my head of him wandering around a long abandoned temple for his base....  Could work, we'll see. ^_^;;;


Oh right, it's my usual two thirds Apoxie Sculpt one third Green stuff mix that I used. ^_^


I'm guessing another two sessions give or take, and I'll hopefully be done with the majority of the sculpting, and can move onto other things like a few minor details, assembly, and of course the GREAT DUNKENING... I mean getting a while in an hot spring with a good scrubbing, and then being coated in liner! ^_^;;;

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Inside of the right wing is DONE!  Well, at least the synthetic skin over the wing anyways.



^So, first and foremost, this time I did a bit of prep to the wing, hoping to get better adhesion...  Scuff, scuff, scuff...



^The of course came the 2:1ish Apoxie Sculpt to Green stuff mix onto the wing...  Was about an hour and ten minutes of work on that part of the sculping....



^Still had some left over, so started working on connecting the "synthetic corruption?" from the base out to the wings...  This was partially to conceal a slight oooOOOPS when pinning the left wing (brass rod went through the bonesium, whoops), but to also help sell the fact that it's not just a hybrid creature...  But it clearly started as some sort of synthetic creature seeking an upgrade.  I took that bit from not only my love of various synthetic creatures (not that I can link any of the art from a specific artist who's work I really REALLY enjoy due to it's nature, but still), but also the fact that in his belly it actually looks more living than mechanical to me...  I do intend on keeping several hints as the mechanisms behind the synthetic flesh, but at the same time... I'm kind of liking the mostly "corrupted" look, and therefore will probably wind up having it as a larger effect.


Not sure how this will pan out to the body just yet though.  Main goal was getting the junction between the wings and central engine area looking more cohesive first, and then I'll work on the body.  Sort of contemplating the idea of "form fitted tentacles" or even synthetic mesh wiring, but it's really difficult to say - i don't want to wind up removing most of what actually defines this model, after all.  I'm actually leaning more towards having the armour itself look organic, which would help tie the whole thing together after all....  And perhaps the engine is something more as a boost for added endurance? ^_^;;;;


Many ideas, but for now, I playfully say they're for another time because I'm tired and need to get sleep!


But whoooooo, got that wing done, now it's onto more of the fiddly diddly bits, like bulking out the legs somewhat, and having them come across as being more armour plated - what's the point of having a big, armoured body if you have these weak, vulnerable legs?  ...You'd be a boss in an MMO, but I digress! :P

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