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58 minutes ago, buglips*the*goblin said:

Is she single?  I'm... uh... asking for a friend.

Recently released herself from an unhealthy relationship.... with her cutlass....

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29 minutes ago, pogre said:

I have never seen this miniature. You did a marvelous job!

Thanks pogre!  I couldn't tell you off hand, but it's probably already been four or five years since this one was released, and she'd just been in my mountain of metal since then.  I've always wanted to paint her, but I finally took advantage of the fact that I'm working on another half-orc to do their skin tones at the same time, and she was far more simple to paint than the other one, so she got done first!

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15 hours ago, kazmania7 said:

Splendent job on the skin tone ! Might I ask your reciepe? Again lovely work.

Thanks very much!   For half orc skin, I usually start out with Creamy Ivory, then start out with a Pale Olive wash, and then afterwards I think I used some darker greens, Camoflauge green and forest green.  Then after those I think I used the dark elf skin color, then a dark shadow, then after that dark elf shadow and lastly walnut brown.  After that I did a highlight layer of Creamy Ivory and finally white.


I was looking at the photos last night of the eyes and I'm really not too happy with them, so this morning I woke up early to try to work on them a bit.  I wanted to take pictures but it's too cloudy right now, need to get some sun, so hopefully tomorrow.



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So I did a little edit on top, because I wasn't satisfied with her eyes and still not satisfied really but can't dwell on her forever. Here is an updated version in case you missed it above:




No idea if anybody can tell a difference or not or if anybody even cares....


drives me crazy though!

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    • By LittleBluberry
      I very rarely bother to do Show Offs of my work, partially because getting good pictures is a hassle and partially because my painting isn't all that amazing.    But I'm trying to put together a collection of useful miniatures for the Savage Tide adventure path and this was one of the things I painted for it.  It's supposed to be Harliss Javell, but I got a little carried away before I realized that she is not a recurring NPC.  In the end I decided that I'd already spent way too much time on a single piece so any awesome reflections you see are likely the result of real light and are not paint.  (The photos are actually a little bright, but I figured that was better than too dark.)  I'm not going to give away too much description of the character since @Wise Kraken and @GodOfCheese are both players, but she's an imposing ship's captain of unknown reputation.   

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      The third and final mini from the Layer Up! LTPK, Julie Guthrie’s Hajad the Pirate:

      Not gonna try for any better images, because then you would see how badly I messed up the eyes...
      Mostly by the book, but I skipped the lining as my little brush was becoming temperamental. Of the three minis in this kit, this is the one I was most looking forward to, as it has the most exposed skin of the three (one of my problem areas). Think I oversold the abs a bit too much though.
      Based on issues with the previous minis, I elected to basecoat both weapon blades with Ebony Flesh before applying the metallic. The Filigree Silver included in the kit was too watery to play nice with bare Bonesium, and in any case it was difficult for me to see where the paint actually stuck. Plus, it makes lighter metallics pop.
      It was nice to see darker flesh tones included in this kit. The darkest (non-dark elf) skin tone I had available before was Tanned Skin, but my attempts to mix in darker paints always resulted in a weird shade of sadness.
      All in all, this kit was a good learning experience. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and it was neat seeing the colors build up with each layer. The cartoons were cute too. I just hope that my technique improves moving forward. And that painting eyes gets easier.
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      So I recently posted Rozmina, the Half-Orc Pirate from Derek Schubert.  Here is the other half-orc I was working on at the same time, but as this one had a lot more going on with armor and such, he took quite a while longer.  

      Really cool mini sculpted by Bob Olley around 2003, large figure, good heft to him.  the only frustrating part on this one was the chainmail and trying to get all the paint into all those little holes, and I can see some spots where it didn't work quite like I wanted it to.  Also what color would you guys call his metals that aren't "steel" colored?  Referring to the hilt, the belt buckle, and that heart looking thing protecting his manly parts?
    • By Sophie was taken
      The second mini from the Layer Up! Learn to Paint Kit, Ingrid the Gnome Thief:

      A fun little mini. She taught me that I love to overdo shadows. This is very evident on her cape, though glazing did help a little bit. On the bright side, the sculpt has some big, expressive eyes, and I think both came out halfway decent for a change.
      This one has a fun base, as well. Lots of details to pick out, and the instructions have a neat combo for painting mossy patches that I’ll have to steal for future use. Feedback is appreciated!
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      This fun little guy is from Bombshell's Kritterkin line and is the first one of them that I have painted. I started him at our paint group last Saturday and finished him up over last few days. I wanted to go for more of a pirate type look than naval officer so I decided to play around with textured leather. It was a challenge keeping all the brown from not looking the same but I am happy with how he turned out.

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