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Travelling with minis

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9 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

Is that a thick, 'foam' tape?

I have had good experience using a long, thin-bladed knife(one of those 18mm wide 'break-off' blades, whatever they're called) to cut through the center of that type of tape. 

I assume it would work OK on thin tape, also...  


Yeah, I think so. It's about 1mm thick, feels a little foamy. 

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I have use Army Transport  by Sabol Designs for years, ALWAYS as a carry on, and have never had issues with TSA....


They are 'pluck-Foam' so they are readily customizable....

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As I was extracting myself from my plane seat in Indianapolis, I braced one end of two boxes of minis on the seat ... then let go of it to pick up an empty soda bottle I needed to dispose of.




The boxes were not as well braced as I thought. Both of them toppled over and landed on their narrow ends, popping their lids off and sending 50+ minis spraying across the aisle of the plane. I gabbled out some kind of apology to the 20+ people still waiting to exit the plane behind me, and frantically scooped handfuls of them back in the boxes as fast as I could. There was a little boy there who said "Look, Mommy, toys!"


I think I got all of them, but I'm not entirely sure.


When I got out the gate I stood there at the agent's booth shaking like a leaf and weeping as I tried to restore some semblance of order to the boxes.


Most of the minis came through okay. These are the ones that didn't:




That's five that popped entirely off their bases. Two more where the pins bent but held. Two arms that detached - both figures where I hadn't pinned the limbs. And the scimitar snapped off the middle of the three Anubis Guardians.


I didn't bring any super glue. I'll have to get some tomorrow.


That cloaked figure on the end was brand new. I put the sealer on him 15 hours before he hit the plane floor and broke his arm off.


@Rob Dean -- earlier in the thread you showed some pics of the straps with handle that you use on your boxes. I bitterly regret not getting one of those. Is there a particular type you might recommend? I might actually have one shipped to my hotel room so I can use it on the trip back.

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Sorry I haven’t been on this week. :down:


I use one with the brand name Strap-a-handle, which I got from Amazon.  I also wrap a lateral strap around it the other way, which is just a simple buckle/webbing thing from the auto department at Walmart.




Here’s mine in the overhead on the way to Indy on Tuesday.

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