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Thanks for the comments!


I have to keep the base fairly simple on these, because the plastic guild sets come ready based and I'm too lazy to re-base them, so I'm planning on just going crazy with my big box of grass tufts.

But this guy needed a little bit of a cork platform because his stance is too wide to fit on the base provided.

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Having followed his evolution on your W.I.P. thread, make the final result even better. He is an OUTSTANDING creation.  The base is as BEAUTIFULLY done as the miniature. VERY WELL DONE!

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    • By aku-chan
      I know I haven't finished my Hunters Guild set yet, but after prepping my Farmers just to see what the Guild Ball plastic is like, I really wanted to paint them!

      I've got six farmers and two bits of terrain, I'm starting with the terrain:-

      The pig doesn't have a name so I shall call him 'Stinky'.
      The wood posts are a base of Parasite Brown, given drybrushes of Ochre Yellow and Iraqi Sand and a Brown Wash, and the Guild symbol is Bronze with Polished Gold highlights.
      The metal brackets are Oily Steel with a Black Wash at the moment, they still need highlighting.
    • By paedia
      Finished my Season 2 Guild Ball Hunters Team.


      Minx (Union, but she plays for my Hunters)

    • By aku-chan
      Once again, my carefully laid out painting plans are blown apart by the arrival of shiny new things!
      In this case it's my new Guildball obsession, and I'm starting with a few members of the Hunters Guild.

      This is Skatha, her right hand was a bit miscast and tidying it up cost her the tips of several fingers.

      This is Snow, she was slightly too big for the base provided, so I had to greenstuff the gap around her posing rock.

      This is Veteren Hearne. Another one who was too big for his base, so he's had to go on a bit of cork.

      And finally, this is Ulfr. His left arm did not like being attached and resulted in pretty horrible gap:-

      That needed filling.
      I did a fairly decent job, but forgot to take a piccy of my handiwork.
      Overall, impressed by the sculpting, not so much by the casting or design.
      Now on to the painting:-

      Decided to start with Hearne.
      Based his skin with 1:1 Dwarf Flesh/Bronze Fleshtone and gave it a coat of Flesh Wash.
      My bottle of Bronze Fleshtone is pretty old and had separated badly, so I stopped using it, and instead applied highlights of pure Dwarf Flesh and 1:1 Dwarf Flesh/Light Flesh.
      He also got Bonewhite Teeth and a 1:1 Scarlett Red/Parasite Brown moustache. I also appear to have got a spot of moustache colour on his lip
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