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01607 Elantor, The Lost Prince

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Someone will correct me but I don't know the name on this one and I can't find it on my reaper list.   Anyway it turned out ok...nuff said.IMG_20180129_103829264.thumb.jpg.71b96a11a3b2d736c23fd46d10d1faad.jpgIMG_20180129_103746608.thumb.jpg.32fd6183229238d885c71de82b36663f.jpgIMG_20180129_103754760.thumb.jpg.20f85410907466d9bbea011ddd6e54a7.jpgIMG_20180129_103801291.thumb.jpg.786914becab25c6e2f87f57de2d76ab6.jpgIMG_20180129_103820307.thumb.jpg.2a40c7096e2082699242e798f341b7d8.jpg

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01607 Elantor, The Lost Prince. The model was August 2017's 25th Anniversary figure. Nice job with the color scheme, definitely has a classic elf adventurer vibe to it.

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