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A quick paintjob on one of the D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures line, the Umber Hulk!  My somewhat local gaming store finally had them back in stock...still no luck on the elusive Beholder!


umber a.jpg

umber b.jpg

umber c.jpg

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    • By lexomatic
      You can also see pirates here
      Girl & boy
      Noble & farmer
      Waitress and dancing girl

    • By lexomatic
      This was stress relief from bad contractors and totally unplanned.
      The beach base was a total whim, and works for one. I have no idea what I was thinking with the Obelix type...

    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      These were a quick and easy paint, and I went for a realistic tone to match the sculpts. The victim pile is supposed to be a base element for them, but I decided to keep it seperate as a scenery piece. 

      The shinyness on the fellow in the back is due to the black wash not being entirely dry when I took the pic.
    • By Fruggs
      Back from Reapercon and working on the little's PC for our inconsistent dnd game.  She's super tiny but I really like the sculpt.  Gripes about plastic, and the mould quality though.  It's a wizkids preprimed number.  I wish they did these in metal.  She's coming along nicely.  Her skins are the rosy skin triad with some of the fair skins mixed in.  Hair is intense brown, vmc orange brown pumpkin orange and then pumpkin orange and rosy highlight, then tiny bits of rosy highlight. Her eyes are I think leaf green, and tiny.  Kiddo is requesting some purple socks with stripes so that is the next thing.  Enjoy:).  

    • By Pochi
      This is the beholder from Wizkids. He is my first completed mini for Saturated Seotember where I am going to try and spend some time painting every day for the month of September. I have a WIP thread going if anyone wants to follow along or join in!
      He got a little more orange than I intended but I don't mind how he turned out. I want to get my hands on another one and greenstuff his eye to make a different (round) iris and pupil. Fun mini to paint. We'll have to see how my players like him! 

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