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Some in progress works of nyar as I work on him. Started with black primer, airbrushed white pre shading, drybrushed transparent dioxane purple, accenting the shadows, then coated in transparent pthalo blue.






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I never know what I'm looking at with a lovecraftian mini.  Which I guess is the point, really.


Well, that one looks like total madness, so you're off to great start! 

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    • By Unit04
      Adrenaline is a board game made to simulate a first person shooter, sort of.  From left to right we have Dozer, Sprog (he's from Texas), Violet, :D-Struct-Or, and Banshee.  I still need to put some sealer on, but I wanted to take pictures before that. 
      I'm not too happy with how :D-Struct-Or came out.  He's a case of, stop before you aren't happy with the final product.  However because I did him first, I was more sparing with the others and I think they came out ok.  Good enough to look nice on the table top.  
      Thematic paint used (left to right):  Military Grey, Alien Ooze, Witchcraft Purple, Beacon Yellow, Maggot White (its hard to be thematic with an alien octopus woman)
      Bonus Thematic Paint:  Violet's hair is MSP SAMPLE PINK, which I hate using because there is a limited supply, but it always wants to be used.  I'm torn!

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      Cthulhu Wars: Onslaught Three, featuring a faction called "The Ancients" has just been announced by Petersen Games, set to launch July 17th. 
      EDIT: starts at 8 AM CST Monday July 17th.
    • By ThirstyBob
      Started on these this week, thought I'd throw them up before I went to bed. C&C always appreciated, especially on the antelope, I'm having a hard time think what I could do to improve it, but I think it was too easy to get it looking that good. Underside of the antelope is still a wip, BIGTIME, I've barely started on it. I mean the gorey sinewy muscle for the tips to make better.

      KDM story spoilers ahead...
    • By ThirstyBob
      Finished this little guy the other day

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