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Xiwo Xerase

14352 Unforgiven, Crusader Grunt: Xiwo Xerase paints something relaxing

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I picked out 14352 Unforgiven, Crusader Grunt to practice the lessons in Bones LTPK #1.  I'm aiming for "tabletop" quality with this paint job.


Here's the miniature with most of the basecoating done:




The colors in use are:

  • 09050 Antique Gold for the gold accents
  • 09052 Shadowed Steel for the armor
  • 09053 Honed Steel for the sword
  • 09056 Templar Blue for the edge of the tabard, the sword hilt, and the edge of the tabard (or whatever that is)
  • 09064 Brown Liner for lining between the blue and yellow on the tabard
  • 09074 Palomino Gold for the tabard and the undercoat for the gold accents
  • 09110 Oiled Leather for the belt
  • 29843 HD Solid Black for the black


The white patches on the tabard are 09108 Brush-on White Primer because I scraped off the paint there.  (I got some basing material stuck there, decided I'd paint over it, and then decided to scrape it off and make it look better.)


My next tasks are to repaint the reprimed parts of the tabard after the primer cures and fix any painting errors before moving on to the wash portion of the exercise.  (Any shadows you see in the pictures are probably a result of the lighting rather than any painted effects.)


After I'm done with this, I suppose I should paint Sir Forscale.

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I think I'm just about done.



The gold bits and the tabard were washed using a Brown Liner wash.  The silver bits were washed using an HD Solid Black wash.  Drybrushing used the original paints and these paints for highlights:

  • 09051 New Gold for the gold accents on the shoulder and helmet
  • 09053 Honed Steel for the armor
  • 09054 Polished Silver for the sword
  • 09075 Buckskin Pale for the tabard

The base is supposed to look a little like snow.  It used these paints:

  • 09021 Snow Shadow
  • 09066 Blue Liner for the wash
  • 09063 Ghost White to drybrush the sand
  • 09689 Sparkling Snow for the final drybrush


The base is painted using 29843 HD Solid Black.  I think this is a nice effect for framing the mini.

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kazmania7 recommended blacklining on Anval so I thought I'd try it here since I hadn't started sealing yet.  I tried using 29843 HD Solid Black with some wash medium and flow improver around the metallic pieces.  It brought out definition between the fingers but I'm not sure it helped much otherwise.  I may not know what I should be looking for.




(Click on the images if you want to see them larger.)


Anyway, I think he's just about done.  I haven't gotten any painting done all week so we'll see if I can start sealing him over the weekend.

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    • By ManvsMini
      Hi all,
      Not only is this my first WIP post, it's actually the first pic shared of anything I've ever painted with anyone (excluding family). A bit nervous, but figured I would try it out to help achieve my work goals.
      Got this guy with the first Bones Kickstarter, and always envisioned painting him up like an infernal from the Warcraft universe. (Side question, what is the policy on posting reference material?)

      Right now he's mostly just basecoated and drybrushed with lighter greys, but I'm planning to make some glowing eyes, and some glow coming from between the major cracks between rocks and his fists. It's my first attempt as OSL, so I'm going to go pretty basic. I almost scrapped the glow completely, but hey, fortune favors the bold, right?
      Really glad I got him in Bones. I have a copy of him from the old P-65 line (unpainted, unopened), and there is no way I wouldn't end up dropping him during the course of painting.
    • By Xiwo Xerase
      Originally, there wasn't going to be a WIP thread for this since I expected to finish in a single evening.  That didn't happen.  And I've been sick this week.
      With "20" miniatures waiting to be painted (not to include Bones 4 coming next month), I need to decrease the amount of time it takes to paint a miniature, defined as going from "primered" to "ready to be sealed".  For this and the next few time trials, I will be focusing on basecoat/wash/drybrush and then neatening up as required, aiming for tabletop quality.
      After about three and a half hours, Garrick has been basecoated and washed.  (The black paint for the base will be done last.)  The colors are intended to be the same as for 14352: Unforgiven, Crusader Grunt.

      (click on the images to see larger ones)
      Two things to improve so far:
      Basecoating took so long because the paints were overthinned, meaning it took more than two coats to get good coverage.  The only paint that didn't have this issue is the Polished Leather used for his belt. The buildup of the base around the integrated base was done using Liquitex blended fibers texture gel, which I found to be less than desirable.  I had hoped the texture gel would yield a texture similar to the broccoli base.  The blended fibers texture gel shrinks a lot when it dries though.  What's seen here is the result after two or three coats.  I would probably have needed another four or five to actually get a rounded hill.  I don't plan to use it again, unless I have a lot more time or I build up a substrate under it first.  I plan to primarily use stamped greenstuff for bases in the future.  
      Things left to do:
      Drybrush. Line. Deepen some shadows, bring out some highlights. Glaze the armor to add more shadow and knock down the reflectivity.  (Note to self: Take a TMM class at ReaperCon this year, if possible.)  
      Constructive comments appreciated.
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      Welcome to my first ever WIP thread!  Where I try and paint half as good as the rest of you!  
      I love the mousling line Reaper does and the space mouslings were too cute to resist.  I picked up the collector's set on a mystery site too.  If I like this I might use it at Reapercon.
      Some assembly is required...  so stay tuned.

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      So one of my players bought a hero forge 3d model and then printed it. I've based it, primed it and now I'm painting it in the color combination he requested. I have just finished the base layer (the goggles will be gold with green glass)
      Hope he's happy when it's finished :D

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