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I know I haven't finished my Hunters Guild set yet, but after prepping my Farmers just to see what the Guild Ball plastic is like, I really wanted to paint them!





I've got six farmers and two bits of terrain, I'm starting with the terrain:-




The pig doesn't have a name so I shall call him 'Stinky'.


The wood posts are a base of Parasite Brown, given drybrushes of Ochre Yellow and Iraqi Sand and a Brown Wash, and the Guild symbol is Bronze with Polished Gold highlights.

The metal brackets are Oily Steel with a Black Wash at the moment, they still need highlighting.

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The pig (and Buckwheat the Donkey) was the main reason I got the set.






Painting his bathtub.

I'm trying to achieve that dull metallic look that animal troughs and things have (it probably has a proper name but I'm not sure what it is), I started with a base of 1:1 Oily Steel/Steel Grey gave it a Brown Wash and then stippled the basecoat and a 1:1:1 mix of Oily Steel/Steel Grey/Wolf Grey all over it. It actually looks pretty close to what I wanted.


Finished it off with another Guild symbol and now I've just got the contents of the tub to do.

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Thanks for the comments everyone!


On 3/23/2018 at 11:16 PM, malefactus said:

The bubbles in the tub could be an ominous portent. VERY COOL MINIS!


He's nervous because people keep kicking footballs at him.







I did the contents of the tub in Leather Brown, the bubbles are 1:1 Leather Brown/Off-white and the footballs are Cork Brown, everything got a Brown Wash and then the bubbles and football got their basecoats reapplied. Finally the liquid parts got a good coat of Gloss Varnish.


Started on Stinky, he's got a basecoat of 2:1 Old West Rose/Rosy Flesh and a Flesh Wash so far.

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And finished!




His skin got highlights of 2:1 Old West Rose/Rosy Flesh and 2:2:1 Old West Rose/Rosy Flesh/Light Flesh.

He then got 1:1 Ochre Yellow/Iraqi Sand trotters and a Red Orange carrot to chew on.


Not sure what to paint next from the set.

So far I've narrowed it down to the other terrain piece, Buckwheat, Millstone or The Ploughman. 

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Needed to work on something simple, so terrain:-




Painted the dirt (Leather Brown > Cork Brown Drybrush > Iraqi Sand Drybrush > Brown Wash).




And started on the stone (Stone Grey > Black Wash).

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7 minutes ago, aku-chan said:



I now have sacks of grain.


I'm also finding a lot of mold lines I missed.

Isn't that just the worst?

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