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03712 Ogre Guard

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I really need to get some of these new Ogres. Every time someone posts one of them, I want one.  Your paint is excellent and, indeed, makes me want to get one.

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    • By giyomuSan
      Ok , time to put that things in the show off section.
      Did not really know what to do with naming so I though that would be funny name haha, now up to you to decide which is what :D
      here last pic, did not find something suitable enough to add some exterior background so I just keep it simple here.

      Wip thread here :
      Big thanks for the advice and feedback during the wip , special thanks to @Heisler , his advice helped me narrow down the scene to a state I could manage to move forward and progress on this.
      Each project is a learning experience :D ..one thing I won't do again is actually to start fight on 2 fronts, doing the scene while also doing the figure paint is a bit time consuming and make harder to focus.
      Since it's a reaper Diorama , I will add it to the yearly contest as well :D..
    • By Kev!
      All Reaper this week...

      P.S. You must be eternally vigilant with all the vandals about...
    • By Kev!
      All Reaper this week...

      P.S. Hulk smash!
    • By Kev!
        That sentient club keeps egging him on...

      P.S. He's really not a bad guy!
    • By Felltyde
      I posted some of these WIPS the other night, finally got around to finishing them up...ready for the game table.

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