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Frostgrave conversions and Arabian crewmen

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Have got some Frostgrave explorers and some GA crew with a middle eastern focus.  Am getting better at kit bashing but these are the first mixed conversions using resin, metal, plastic and greenstuff. The Arabians are Gripping Beast middle eastern infantry and steppes infantry with Frostgrave GA crew arms. The explorers are Fireforge resin bodies, frostgrave or westwind pict heads and a mix of arms. C and C welcome. 







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 Great work! The parts work together well and the greenstuff looks like it was part of the original sculpt.


The one thing that's bugging me is the guy with the big bushy beard and the axe in the first and second pics - it looks like he has some serious flash around his beard (and a mold line across his head)... That probably would have been easier to clean up before mounting the head.



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The base coat on the ranger/archer/explorer and some base colours on the crew. I wanted a fairly dark base palette for the crew and the shirts in particular so that the scarves sashes and turbans can be brighter and stand out. Also did one of them as a half orc using a ghoul head from the frostgrave cultist sprue. 









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The nearly finished ranger. I don't really do highlighting for 'dark' grimy miniatures, just wash with a strong tone brown wash and maybe highlight the face. 



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Two of the crew done apart from basing. I just thought that white shirts had been 'done'. May need to lighten up the palate a bit but was deliberately trying to have darker base colours and brighter accents. 



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Am probably going to base the Arab crew simply a mix of sand bases and some on wood planks. I have a roller from Green Stuff World which I may try to use. 


Have done some more work on the two Frosty Frostgrave soldiers. With a bit more detailing these should be done. As the bodies (Fireforge Rus Kiev militia) don't come with either slotted or integral bases it was really easy to use some resin bases I had. 


Have also done some more conversions. A bit more basic than the others with no green stuff. A heritor (Frostgrave cultist body, barbarian head, crew arms), a cleric (Fireforge foot seargant body, templar cloak,  frostgrave cultist arms, Westwind Pict head), and either a ninja/assassin or just an over accessorised crossbowman. Also an NPC type with Fireforge militia body, Frostgrave soldier head and Fireforge seargant arms. 











Crossbowman is Fireforge militia body, Frostgrave soldier arms, Gripping Beast Arab soldier head. Fireforge Scandinavian infantry axe.


Frostgrave arm converted slightly by cutting off glove at wrist and rotating it. Idea was that he is signalling. 

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5 hours ago, Edsterdoom said:

Great conversions here. The plastics do lend themselves to this sort of experimenting.  It makes for some dramatic unique models. 

Thanks for this, once you have a few sprues and spare parts it gets addictive. 

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After a lull/distractions and a think about colour schemes I painted up the assasin/marksman. 

The intention was to make him look camouflaged without using a black colour scheme. 

I went for all grey, with tiny accents of royal purple and buff (two scrolls). All paints Vallejo and all washes Army Painter. 

I have made some ruins for Frostgrave, simple mixes of Scibor resin basing bits, xps foam, the green stuff world cobblestone roller, and some really cheap fibre board wood. Hopefully it shows that the chap blends in. 




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