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She’s a hoot, and that hair is sweet! I like your careful picking out of the pits and scratches on the tombstone, and the bits of lichen / moss.

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Thanks everyone, you kind comments make my day! Like I already mentioned to Pochi on Facebook, I first painted her hair caramel brown but then I decided to go Chibi all the way with a 09286 Punk Rock Pink makeover. I'm glad you like her.

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    • By Dr.Bedlam
      Well, the story's seven or eight years in the making, but we finally got married.

      Now we just need to get Gene Van Horne to sculpt a bride and groom mouseling. Or a zombie bride and groom mouseling. Or a bride and groom mouseling with chainsaws...

    • By NyarlaBcn
      My work for this past week. 
      I don't have space to display big dioramas; not even for scenic bases. Lately, though, I've been trying really, really small diorama ideas or improved basing with a bit more life. An example was my Mucroack posted here a month ago or so. 
      Now I used that idea to combine two Reaper miniatures that fit together perfectly; special edition Halloween Knight & Halloween Tree. 
      I used a rusty bronze, green & orange palette for most of this work. Really happy with the outcome :) 
      P.S. Gallery on Instagram @albertnyarla , will love some new followers ^^ 

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      Reaper 02954 Crystal Golem painted up to be an "Emerald Guardian" for a 5e D&D game.  I used the airbrush to paint the greens, then used pure white to do all the edge highlights.  I think it would look better if I slowed down and made the edge highlights thinner.  It also doesn't really follow the rules for painting transparent materials like gems.  However, it was a speed painted experiment... so it came out a bit messy.  It looks good on the tabletop though.  Total time on this figure was about two hours.  Most of that time was spend prepping the figure by smoothing out the faces of the crystals so the edges would be nice and sharp for highlighting.  Greenstuff base too about 15 minutes to apply.  Then waited  a day for it to dry.  Airbrushing the primer took about 15 minutes. Then waited a day for it to dry.  Airbrushing the greens took about 15 minutes.  Then waited for a couple of days before getting back to it to do the white edge highlights which took about half an hour.  Speed paint total time...about 5 days.  Super fast!!!




    • By Auberon
      One of my goals this year is to work through my pile of unpainted Bones from all the kickstarters.  First up, a mini that was used as a test piece and then put back to gather dust for a few years.  It was painted fairly quickly using glaze technique, which helped keep me from fussing over the details. One mini off the shelf of shame (or rather, out of the plastic box of shame).


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       I can't weasel my way out...

      It's a Stoat,
      P.S. This really IS from day 1
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