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Love them! 


Did you have any trouble fitting their backpacks onto them? I have one that, why I can't figure out, just doesn't seem to want to fit onto the Globadier :(


I love the orange eyes. Skaven usually have red, but taking it all the way up to orange looks really really cool!

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1 minute ago, Guildenstern said:

Love them! 


Did you have any trouble fitting their backpacks onto them? I have one that, why I can't figure out, just doesn't seem to want to fit onto the Globadier :(


I love the orange eyes. Skaven usually have red, but taking it all the way up to orange looks really really cool!

I honestly can't remember, as I glued them.....  Well, when the 25th anniversary boxed sets came out, so that's what, ten years now? ^_^;;;;  I had originally purchased these guys for a six week build, followed by a month to paint kind of tournament but wound up backing out of the tournament and keeping the minis. 


Sadly I cannot recall if there were issues or not, but I suspect I wound up using a bit more superglue than usual.  I'll have to check the eight that aren't primed for any indications. 


As for the orange eyes, yeah, I really wanted something a tad different, and  I definitely like orange... And for the warlord, it seems to just fit that he doesn't have pupils - showing just how crazy for warpstone he's gotten or such. 

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Something a little different today, but not quite totally different.  Today, things were assembled, and/or had their bases swapped!


Rat Ogres and the packmaster with the long pokey stick had their bases swapped, while five gutter runners were started from the beginning with new bases.  Two sprues and one box valiantly sacrificed themselves for this endeavour!  In other words.... FINALLY, one box is done - the Rat Ogres and giant rats one.  Well, at least taken off the sprues.  The giant rats are being held for other possible projects, being turned into swarms, or... Other.  Aka I'm going to be looking into the giant rats some other miniature companies provide, because apparently some of them are like... gnome sized.  Sounds harmless, until you realized it's an angry, toothy nightmare that AS BIG AS A GNOME!




So, first and foremost...  Man, that was a LOT of mold lines, and I'm guessing I didn't get them all.  Probably fairly certain of that fact, but it's life.  Some of these minis had already been assembled, and others...  Even today, I got the same feeling I probably had ten years ago of "screw it, just get them assembled" but this time I didn't give into that temptation.


Also, before I totally forget for the fourth time, the reason why the fourth packmaster hasn't been attached to his base is quite simple - glue is still drying, and I'm not gunking up a drill bit with gorilla glue.


So, why assemble this weekend instead of paint?  Well, two reasons...  One I was sick on Saturday (yay allergies!), and two, I'm wanting to start working on a sort of three month schedule per squad.  In essence, a month to assemble said squad, and then two months to paint.  Sounds like a bit of a stretching of goals at times, but at the same time, it means I'm aiming to have a semi-regular turnover of miniatures.  The other reason why it's longer than one might expect is because I know some squads will take longer due to fiddly bits (or they're just bigger!), AND because I'm also trying to keep my miniatures half Reaper half other stuff.  It's kind of a personal reason, but it also means I can work on various projects without getting too much "ugggggh, all this drybrushing of fur" or "ugggggh, it's the same blasted things night after night".


Arguably another is that omg, the sheer amount of mold lines on Games Workshop products compared to Reaper's stuff.  It feels like not much consideration was put into the sprues and their design other than "this is easier to pop out of a mold this way" instead of "huh, maybe we shouldn't have that mold line going through half a mini's worth of fur, how can we tweak this to work better".  This is something I would have accepted from a company 10-12 years ago, but now that I've had the joy of working on miniatures from various companies it's rather noticeable....  So is the fact a lot of these miniatures are multi-pieced, but seem to go together only a few select ways...


Right now I have these particular guys out for two reasons - first is they were technically the first and easiest box to finish, since most of my Rat Ogres had already been assembled.  Secondly, one has to start somewhere.  Also third, even though I said two reasons, so I suppose we'll call it two and a half.....  I'm hoping to have an "in progress" shot of what's been rebased, including ones that are being painted (and/or are finished) at the end of the month...  And I'm also hoping to have finished off my first ten rat squad of poison wind globadiers (I say first because I plan on buying minis for a second at some point) AND the squad of Night Runners by October 25th at the latest, preferably by the 21st...


Why those particular days?  Well, if I make the goal of the 21st, I'll have time to do the in progress for October pictures, and clean up my desk for a challenge that isn't really a secret anymore....  Dragons Don't Share - 2014 Edition (aka DDS2) 7-Day Goblin Challenge.  That's right, I plan on starting it on October 26th, coincidentally riiiiight as my vacation starts (I take Samhain off every year due to various reasons, although one of them was practical - it's just a tad longer than six months after my birthday, and the first four years at my current company I only had two weeks of vacation, so went a week each in April/October).  This is also arguably why there's been a good amount more activity from me the past two weeks...  It isn't just because I'm wanting to clear up my desk, but I'm also testing some of my various endurance limits as to what my body will let me get away with before I need to take a break of some description.  I'm also testing out various forms of speedpainting techniques now, so that way I can hopefully put them to use better when the time comes.

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They're starting to multiply...  Half of a box is now based, with five of those having arms, and the other five needing arms.  Here's hoping for tomorrow to making it so that almost all of the box is based, and is at least legs/torso/head assembled! ^_^




Oh right.  The last packmaster has been put together too, although I suspect certain parts of him will be a bit annoying to paint, but I'd rather he be fully assembled now than have to try and do such halfway through. 


Kind of tempted to turn one of those flails into a rat-flail.... 

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...And is a rat-flail a bundle of confused and angry rats tied to a stick and used to beat other, larger rats? That's what I choose to believe.  

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5 minutes ago, Rigel said:


...And is a rat-flail a bundle of confused and angry rats tied to a stick and used to beat other, larger rats? That's what I choose to believe.  

Can't remember if linking to webcomics is allowed or not outside of Off-Topic, so I'll say....


See the VGCats webcomic #110 and #223 for more information on what a rat-flail is in this particular context ^_^;;;



......Due to hunger, and waiting on the rice cooker, close-ups on some of the Skaven being worked on!



^The five Night Runners who just need tails before they go move onwards to priming.  Also, for those who don't know the Warhammer universe, Night Runners are agile mutant rats that focus on movement speed alongside hit and run attacks over actual survivability.  They're fairly close to the bottom of the totem pole in most Skaven circles...  And they're generally trying to prove themselves in combat in order to increase their own standings.  They tend to have a wide array of weaponry, although it generally seems to fall into the categories of "whatever was lying around not being used by stronger Skaven".


Apologies for the somewhat blurry and out of focus pictures, I went through multiple attempts to try and get this with semi-decent lighting (aka coerced use of my phone's "light").  I suspect I should just try angling my lights to give better coverage, but I don't like looking into the actual bulbs (and neither do my eyes, whooooah boy do they not like that)



^The first of three packmasters from the Rat Ogre and Giant Rats box.  I like the pinchy claw, although I suspect that he will be "interesting" to paint due to the close proximity of that pinchy claw to his body.


^My second packmaster.  This one is from the Isle of Blood starter set if I remember correctly.



^Packmasters two and three from the Rat Ogre box.  Basically I wanted to base all of them in a similar manner as my Warlord, with a decent amount of rubble since they ARE sieging a city....


Packmasters tend to...  We'll call it "care" for the larger mutant creatures...  Typically ones they themselves have created.  By "care", the words "goad and coerceibly coax" probably are more appropriate, since they rule over the "lesser" beings through fear, intimidation, death threats, and of course thwacks with sharp pointy objects to keep the creatures in line, or pushing forward into enemy lines.  Arguably, in some ways they're kind of like mad scientists that focus on genetic experimentation, and those who are especially proficient at such tend to fall under the labels of "Master Moulders".


I'll have to look up the names of each particular weapon, because I suspect they have somewhat more intricate names beyond "pinchy grabby claw" :lol:

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