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Heresy Minatures Heroes and Monsters

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On top of painting my Zombiecide models. I have started to paint a numbers of Heresy Miniatures models. I have based five models and undercoated them and the first has a few coats of paints on him. 



as always comment welcome. 


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5 hours ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

I see three copies of the post, but the picture doesn't work in any of them :upside:

My phone was being silly. I will add a photo 



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Some more progress on the first hero. BDDF36BA-E7B2-4F72-9F5A-4E41DAB329DC.thumb.jpeg.fb9ab1f22bdc6629fbe4f52a92d5a66a.jpeg


colours added and some highlights put in for the cloak and boots. 


I may then then have missed a few steps. But here he is almost finished. Just the belt to be finished off. 








As always comments welcome. 

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As always the enjoyment of painting takes over and I forget to take photos through the process. 


Two more models are nearing completion. 


First up is an exorcist with a nifty looking mace. 


Here is a shot post gloss varnish. A final coat of Matt to go and then on to the basing. 



Next up is an elf assassin. I have pushed the boat out a bit and chosen colours I would not often select. 


I like the the face on this model, the skin could have been improved but on the whole I am happy. 






Some touch up required but this is another hero completed. 


As always comments welcome. 



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I added a second theme to this thread namely a few monsters to fight.  Here are three Maggotmen. Heroes succumb to a plague and change beyond recognition. 


These were given a quick base coat of skin and then dry brushed. 






a number of washes is to follow. 


Thanks for looking. 

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A couple of glazes later and these three Maggotmen are finshed. 




they have had a coat of gloss and look nice and wet.  


Next up is an Elf fighter. 




as always comments welcome. 

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A couple painting sessions and I am up to the following point. 


The younger elf warrior is complete and ready for basing. 



I am now on the final hero of this batch before I move back to some other undead. 


This time it’s a forest mage. 










so far the base colours are in place. 


As always comments welcome. 

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      Thanks for looking and as always comments welcome. 
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