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Mountain Troll 77333

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Painted up this Mountain Troll up over the weekend.  I decided to go with an Ice Troll look, and I think it turned out pretty nice.  I normally paint my main colors and then use a heavy wash to bring out the details, but this time I tried something different for his skin.  I used a light gray base coat over all of the skin areas, then dry brushed two layers of blue on the back/arms, and some bone color on the stomach and chest.  I really like how it turned out, but it made touch ups from the armor pretty tricky.  I also noticed some pretty bad mold lines after I took the pictures, so I need to be more careful before I start painting to those up.  Overall, I really enjoyed painting this fig and look forward to unleashing him on a party of adventurers!  Critiques and advice are always welcome!  Thanks in advance!






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Glad to see the Mountain Troll getting some action!  I absolutely love this figure, it might even be my favourite Reaper figure of all time, and I pushed hard to get him into Bones to make his price point a little easier on the wallet so more people could enjoy his awesome greatness! 

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That's a very good paint job! :winkthumbs:

You already mentioned the mold lines; they can be a real pain sometimes.

The other (minor) thing I'll mention is that the base looks kinda boring; maybe a couple different browns or grays to liven it up a little bit would make it look better.

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      Ok, painted one of these up a few months ago and just did the other 2 a couple weeks ago. Just picked up an airbrush so this was my first time trying out some zenithal highlighting. I'm pretty happy with how the new ones turned out.
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