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Yay! PM me if you need live encouragement. Also is there a cupcake delivery service in your area?

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Aaaaannnddd she's rhyming!


*** NURSE!!!!****

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>jumps on couch and gets comfortable<

>fills some bowls with chocolate, gummy worms, and chocolate gummy worms and places them on the coffee table<


Yaaaay, OneBoot!!! You can do it!

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2 hours ago, LittleBluberry said:

Been a while since there's been a seven day goblin challenge in these parts.  Guess we were about due.  <nods sagely>


OneBoot, as you are a  veteran of many challenges I know you can succeed on this one.  <waves flags madly>. Go OneBoot!!!

+1 to this one

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Except just as I posted that, a wild HUSBAND appeared! HUSBAND uses PIZZA! It's super effective! 


I'll be back in a bit. :lol:



--OneBoot :D 

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Oh, so you think you have what it takes to join me in being a Four Time Goblin Challenge Champion, huh? <_<


Well, I think you're right! :bday:


I'll clear off a space for you on the Winners Podium and prepare a short film to show you all of the amazing benefits that one gets to enjoy once certified as an elite member of the FTGCC club. What's that? You thought the only reward was getting an awesome badge showing off your accomplishments in your signature?! No-ho-ho, that's just one of many luxuries that you have to look forward to, my friend! Now, I don't want to spoil all of the surprises or make the normies too jealous, but here's just a small taste of what you have to look forward to in the coming days! Yes, that's right, you can even expect to reap the benefits of some of these rewards before you've even completed your membership trial!




1. Become a living version of the Confused Travolta meme! You can expect this delightful perk to start taking effect as early as Day 2!

2. A complimentary paint job for your desk, keyboard, and/or nearest loved one in any shade you choose, like Blurple, all flavours of "shiny" or the classic favourite - Brown Liner speckled!

3. A deepened unfamiliarity with the outside world!

4. Crippling 4am depression as you grapple with whether to try to get some sleep or just keep painting! :bday: 

5. You want hand cramps? You got 'em!

6. Don't you worry, there'll be bonus back spasms too!

7. And my personal favourite - a fantastic coupon book, usable at any goblin city, village or slum!


I could just keep listing amazing perks, but you don't have time to read them because you need to GET BACK TO PAINTING! ::P:



I know you've got this, friend, don't worry! ^_^ 


My specific advice for this one:

- Spend as little time on those adventurers as you possibly can. You already know they're going to be massive time sinks, and they'll be even worse than what you're already expecting if you allow them to be. Set specific goals and stick to them.

- The base is going to take more time than you think it's going to take. Time how long it takes you to Brown Liner it and adjust how long you're going to need for finishing it based on that - don't forget about the treasure hoard under the dragon! That will be a huge time sink if you forget about it!


Otherwise, you already know what to expect and how to combat the cramps, crazies and googly eyes that come with doing these challenges. Just keep focused and you'll make it through! And you know how awesome it's going to feel when you've finished it! ^_^


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      Had an extra one of these lying about, and decided to experiment with a limited palette. Here’s how she turned out:
      Main colors used were MSP Woodland Brown, Brilliant Green, Scholar Flesh, and Yellowed Bone (and it’s triad).
      Not completely happy with her skin tones, I tried everything up to Moth Green trying to get a light tone that still read as green. Wound up using one of the darkest greens I have, go figure. Shaded by gradually dropping the flesh tone until it was straight green, but it turned out to be a rather extreme color shift.
      I like how the base and tree trunk came out, however. The ground shade was achieved by throwing some blues and yellows together until they stopped being bad and then painting some gray on the rocks.
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      Turns out Dark Elf Skin is a pretty good approximation of actual gorilla flesh. It also seems that brown is not a popular color for actual gorilla fur, but whatever.
      I was unsure just what that thing in his left hand is, so I imagined it as some sort of monkey-headed scepter, and painted it up in Dragon Copper and Antique Gold. Mostly as an excuse to try out some GW verdigris. I probably miffed the placement, but it’s a neat effect. Very much a “nasty old penny” look.
      Did I mention this guy is big? Here he is alongside Miss Forscale the Strumpet:

      Comments and critiques appreciated!
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