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CAH's Baldric the Wizard (Massive Darkness Board Game)

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As with all of my pieces, this was painted with Reaper MSP, and Reaper Bones MSP.  The robes are the layered blues (Void Blue, Tropical, Glacier, and Frost).  The hair was done with Gothic Crimson, Valcanic Orange, and Canary Yellow.  The white parts of the robe were completed using Khaki Shadow, Bleached Linen, and Dragon White.  The gold was Desert Stone, Golden blonde, then washed with a Candlelight yellow glaze.  I like the effect overall.

I had fun with this piece, but it was mainly an exercise in rebasing.  I wanted to add him to a clear acrylic base, so that I could see how well it would come out.  I've seen many figures, mostly for board games, on this type of base, and I thought it would be neat for my players.  Also, the bases that I put on my figures, are sometimes distracting to my players during the game.  Things like snow on a figure base, but the adventure is currently in a tropical jungle or desert.  Nothing major, but I thought it might be a little less distracting for game pieces.  I still plan on decorating the bases of my display pieces.

So, what do you think of the piece overall?




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I absolutely love the blue! It looks like a wonderful satin


I also think you really did a good job attaching it to the base.  very clean attachment.  I am afraid I am a bit too sloppy always leaving overflow...  your work looks professional!


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Thanks for the kind words. It was a labor of love.  This was one of the first models where I attempted to wet blend instead is washing and building up.  I was very pleased with the result. 

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