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Crowley's Peacock of an Elf Prince

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33 minutes ago, Cyradis said:

He's here to sweep my ranger off her dainty feet? ::D:

I'm not gonna say she wasn't the inspiration... :wub: That Cloak...


Clearly I need to do more transition layers from the green to the blue.

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The aptly named Peacock Green would be a good transition color from blue to green in your shadows. It is the dark one in the triad with Viper Green, with Brilliant Green in between. It is also much bluer of a green than the other two. 

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I think I'm gonna do a little more work on his skin and hair, and tidy up the base. Maybe highlight the blade with honed steel... But otherwise I'm pretty happy with him.


Suggestions welcome, on any part of him!



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He's looking good! A little bit of something like Pure Silver at the top of his chestplate, top of his armored arms, and high edge of his sword will make the armor more shiny. Right now his cloak is vibrant, but his armor seems tarnished. His attitude looks like he wouldn't allow his armor to tarnish, therefore shiny is good. 

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