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Wargames using reaper figs

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9 hours ago, Jeneki said:


You just gave me a massive nostalgia flashback.  :wub:


 I still play semi-regularly, ideal for a couple of hours of entertainment.

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There's even enough monks, ninja, samurai, martial artists, cops and supernatural creatures in the Reaper catalogue that you could go for Osprey's A Fistful of Kung Fu.

Mutants and Death Ray Guns is a good choice for post-apocalyptic gaming as well, and you can easily combine fantasy, modern and sci fi minis for the genre - including myconids as sentient mutant mushrooms, for example, along with some of the "zombie hunters" and robots.

Bothgames are based on the Song of Blades game rules, so they're pretty easy to pick up and only use about half a dozen characters each.

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On 4/11/2018 at 1:00 AM, Doug's Workshop said:

It should be noted that in friendly games, there aren't many games that force you to use the official figures.  Tournaments and company-supported games are a bit different (I seem to remember that Reaper's Warlord Tournaments back in the day required Reaper's figures, although there was quite a liberal proxy policy that any Reaper figure could be used, as long as the base size was correct).  Something like Privateer Press' Warmachine/Hordes is a bit more difficult just owing to the aesthetics of the miniatures, and I thought data cards were provided with their miniatures as a play-aid (rules reference summary).


That said:


Mantic Kings of War has a very open policy of using whatever figures you want for your armies - They want you to play the game, and don't much care which minis you use.


Any of Osprey Games can be played - Frostgrave, as you've mentioned, but also Rogue Stars, Dragon Rampant, Scrappers, Kobolds & Cobblestones, Men Who Would Be Kings, Black Ops, etc.


Song of Blades & Heroes

Fear & Faith

Dead Man's Hand

Legends of the Old West

.45 Adventures

Chaos In Cairo


There's really no limit, as I said, beyond the old WizKids click games.  The list would be a lot shorter if you had asked "which games do not allow other company's miniatures to be used for their official games."  Because in the dustbin of history I used non-GW miniatures in my GW games, but I never played tournaments.

Even the old clix games had a fairly liberal proxy rule for official games. The only thing that was important was the base so you could remove and replace the figure on top with anything you wanted. at the one tournament I went to, I remember seeing a horde of dinos being fielded as well as a swarm of rabbits

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