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Kulathi Force and Terrain

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 Started building a Kulathi battle force and colony outpost for their Kuden-3 outpost, in the Beehive star cluster, in the crab nebula ... 


Having 3 fingers a hand and 6 limbs the number system fore the Kulathi is based on 6 ... with 2,3 and 4 also prominent, so I based there units on 6 ...


An officer (2 pistols = smg) 3 left hand smg and 2 right hand automatic rifles make a strike team ... no other unit types teams can exceed the number of strike teams.


 The fire team has 1 officer 1 smg and 4 auto rifles ... a longer ranged bite.


I'm also adding a few hound of Tindalos units (4 with 1 smg and 1 officer kulathi) with bigger things in the works ...





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The lower "den doors" are entry / exit points to their underground grottoes and tunnel systems ... one basic sized unit can enter or exit a turn ...


 The taller "vents" help to regulate air flow in the underground grottoes and can be used as doors by a few unit types ... 


 The "overgrown" doors are part of the Terra forming process and part of the grotto development cycle of growth ...


Also in development is a larger "main entrance" enabling multiple unit deployment or larger ... things ... to come and go ... also a watch tower to keep an eye on key areas and provide a prime fire support spotting position.




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 Thanks for the replies ... it all started with a few wonderful sculptures by Bob Ridolfi (kulathi) and Kevin Williams (Hounds of Tindalos) ... and some pvc pipe , pvc round outlet covers , pvc glue ...


 Once the basics where glues together some 'Flexall' as a gap filler (like spackle but dries much stronger and has a nice grain to it) and a lil foaming gorilla glue around the top rims to round them off ... a lil run down the sides for the organic look ... 


 Base coat, texture coat and ready for paint and or wash ... and maybe some hot glues aquarium shrubbery to top it off. 





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Nice - I'll have to remember this for when I start on my own Kulathi force.

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 The Den cluster grows as its background concepts develop (in the sci-fi section) more paint ... and more drying time , if only I had more work space I could have more things drying at once ... atm, terrain and a Kuden sand worm (paper and glue only at this point, almost ready for the spackle) ...



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 Looking over the set so far I'm lacking shrubbery ... the set is designed to blend into a desert / ruins setup but it seems lacking on foliage ... expansion start up plants ... sooo ... I'll be adding some den "sprouts" ...


 Painting and basing on the rest of the set going on in the background ...


 As for the Kulathi main force ... a load of hounds showed up and waiting for the bases to show ... I'll be fielding 6-8 units and 4+ command options very soon ... pics to follow super basic wash and dry brush paint scem designed to blow out an army asap ... and hide abismal lack of painting skills.


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Gotta luv the drying time of pvc glue ... on to the next step ...


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The latest additions to planet Kuden ...




 With one of the prototypes in the back left corner ... it now adds up to a good amount of table space ... but I'm thinking some generic desert / planes terrain in the same base style would round the set out ... 

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 Looking my Kuden terrain set over it needs some none Kulathi parts to it ... Started with a fish tank piece I had setting around ... change the plantd, match the base cover with rest of set, repaint the green moss to a Kuden color and ...




 Repurposed and bonus, can be used as a gateway to other world's ... battle for the gate ? 

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 The Kuden landscape expands ... in the for ground the boneyard , difficult terrain for walking movement,  dangerous terrain for ground based vehicles (other than walkers and skimmers) ... in the background , something I should have painted before I based ... yes I make mistakes, lots if then, I call it the learning curve and try to not repeat mistakes ... it sometimes works ... the wreaked ship parts are from the lost to the OOP game Vor the Maelstrom,  as is my Growler force ...



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