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Kev!'s 80073: Pulp Era Professor

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  Have your completed essays turned in by the end of the day...




Hand written only,


P.S. Click to zoom

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    • By Rigel
      "Mbuyu, do the English drink rocks? I do not know what is in this barrel, but it surely cannot be water!"

      "Ha, Patrice, who knows what they choose to bring? I think this package is nothing but shoes that will get swallowed by mud as soon as the English puts them on, and fine shirts to be torn by thorns."

      "I would feel easier in this if it were not the errand of one touched by madness. It is bad fortune to hunt here; Nzembo says this place is haunted by--"

      "Nzembo will say anything when he is full of palm wine. The English wants to hunt gorillas on the mountain where no one has ever come back with a dead gorilla, and he is paying us up-front." 

      "Paying us to kill ourselves under the weight of his baggage, more like! How can you be smiling, Mbuyu?"

      "Because, Patrice, I think our contract of employment may be terminated early. Walk quietly..."

      "Quiet your deuced racket, you two! ! I know there's one of those infernal apes around here...can smell the brute." 

      "Be the toast of the Explorer's Club when I come back with an ape big as a man. Bigger!  *That* will show Lord Bleicester! Shut him right up!"

      "You two dashed imbeciles, can't you tread quietly back there? Crashing about like an elephant, you'll scare the game away!" 

    • By Rigel
      A beautifully clean and crisp Chronoscope sculpt, this defender of Canadian justice and law is perfect for Sasquatch hunts, two-fisted pulp confrontations with smugglers and gangsters, encounters with Pleistocene megafauna or Dark Young of the Black Goat from BC to Newfoundland. That cleft chin is a perfect Ridolfi touch. 

    • By Rigel
      A wonderful piece of pulp adventure terrain, suitable for the Serpent Men of Valusia, the Yuan-Ti or Lizardfolk, or any game with dinosaur cults or a reptilian civilization. @Glitterwolf might find this useful--and it's a very painter-friendly sculpt.  

      For scale, we have a 28mm Kirangozi and a 32mm safari explorer. 

    • By Rigel
      A fine pair of sculpts in the best pulp tradition! 02466, the Carnivorous Ape, is a splendid figure, with excellent musculature and fur and a dynamic pose.

      The other fellow here is from RAFM's Cthulhu Classic figures, specifically from the M.U. Expedition to Egypt set. (I've posted others from this set here and there.) He's a well-dressed and learned explorer with pith helmet, satchel, and scroll. Between the moustache and the oval spectacles, he looks a bit like an elderly Theodore Roosevelt, who surely would have relished an encounter such as depicted here: 

    • By Kev!
         I hope no one is offended...

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