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Kev!'s 80073: Pulp Era Professor

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  Have your completed essays turned in by the end of the day...




Hand written only,


P.S. Click to zoom

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    • By Rigel
      Made up my mind long ago that I should paint A CIRCUS. I've had 50124 (Merlock the Magnificent) and 50125 (Yvette, Magician's Assistant) for a while, and also one of the Killer Clowns (50247, Zonkers). And then I found a sheet of red-and-white Big Top striped paper, and a few other things from other sources, and The Addiction set in. 

      Here's what I've got so far: 

      Sarastro the Mentalist there is from Black Cat, and the lady in the Romany garb is a Nolzur's dancer that comes with the barmaid. The orb was from Nolzur's Wizard's study set dressing, and you've already met Cole Stoker, the Pulp Minis stevedore. (Every circus needs roustabouts, especially ones with shovels.) 


      A circus needs:
      -a ringmaster (50277)
      -MORE CLOWNS (02216, Kosmo)
      -a sinister knife-thrower (50012, Jack the Ripper)
      -acrobats (50169, Lady Tiger--there weren't any acrobats under the Circus tag, but if you want spandex and eye-catching costumes, you go Superheroes)
      -fire-eaters/daredevils (50196, Devil Girl; she would also work in a Weird West game)
      -animal tamers (coulda used a pith-helmeted pulp explorer, but 50041 has a whip and a sweet costume)
      -a strongman (50273, Herq)

      And I also picked up 50121, Dr. VooDoo, because top hat, theatrics, and magic fit in well with the themes I've got. 

      Had some wooden discs for targets (the half-assed paint job is on purpose, such as an underpaid clown might slap on with a very wide brush). I'll also make some cotton candy and fried food stalls, inspired by this: http://carmensminiaturepainting.blogspot.com/2007/04/how-i-made-hotdog-stand-for-my-pulp.html 

      Decided to make Zonkers the "friendly" clown and Kosmo the "horrifying Grimaldi/Pagliacci" clown. My order arrived with a sample of deep midnight/cobalt blue that was perfect. 

      So far, this is ArmyPainter True Red, that reaper-sample blue, white, and black. Devil Girl is also done in Reaper's Cinnamon Red (my go-to for tieflings.)

      The Plan (advice and C&C welcome):
      Jack, I think, will be grey pinstripes, including the top hat, the top of which is a target. 
      Firefox the Animal Tamer: Brown whip, redhead, pale skin, fox-orange costume
      Lady Tiger: I would give her tiger stripes, but don't want to step on the orange territory too much, so yellow cheetah/leopard pattern perhaps?
      Ringmaster: Seeking advice on the trousers. White? Pale khaki? YELLOW? Stripe down the side, of course.
      Dr. VooDoo: Straightforward brown skin, yellowed grass skirt, going to try to paint skull-and-ribcage makeup on him
      Kosmo: that lollipop. Advice welcome. Rainbow, heavy on yellow? Peppermint? Continue his terrifying color scheme? 
      Herq: I feel like he needs horizontal stripes on the tank top. Red or blue? 
      Devil Girl: Also torn. I don't want that duster to be black (thinking probably tan, for the Hellboy resonance?) but that bustier is what's perplexing me.

      Come with me on this journey into calliope-sounding, popcorn-scented MADNESS! 
    • By Rigel
      More pulp-era sailors, from Pulp Figures this time! These guys are all from the Tramp Steamer Sailors 2 set in Murch's Savage Seas line--except for Oleg the Brute, who comes from the Pulp Heroes and Personalities: Trans-Siberian Renegades set. These are all 28-mm or so, smaller than most Reaper minis--but that means more weight available for their valuable, perhaps contraband cargo.

      Here's First Mate Bombay Joe, always ready for any development; and Salty Nils the Sour Swede. (Nils got a bad priming job which gives him a bit of a skin condition.) Marvelous expressions in these faces--stern attention to duty and envious disgruntlement. 

      Here's rowdy crewmen "Red" Mulvaney and Oleg the Brute: 

      And Cole P. Stoker and Captain Vanderdecken. 

      This crew can get you to Skull Island and back...for the right price, of course! 
    • By Rigel
      Julie Guthrie knows how to sculpt 'em! I love the twisted locks of hair on this lady, who meets the decency standards of the forum by fractions of a millimeter.

      And while we're on a kick of well-built tropical adventurers with a healthy disdain for pants, here's Todd Harris's Jaatu. An excellent sculpt in the grand Imaro fashion, with dragon/crocodile armor and an axe that you KNOW does more than just hack at things. Axes with faces are not to be trifled with. 

      Both of these are perfect for the Chultan-set Tomb of Annihiliation,  which I'm running currently. 
    • By Rigel
      An elaborate sculpt, overflowing with detail in the Pathfinder fashion. (I swear, at least one of their artists must have a Thing for buckles and straps). Jigeke here has an excellent mask and a very long spear, a diverse collection of severed hands and paws, and a patchwork kilt of many kinds of hide. I know there's zebra and giraffe in there, and leopard as well. 

      It's Robert E. Howard's birthday today, and without him we probably wouldn't have the Barbarian class as a thing (see: Conan the), or Serpent-folk as insidious infiltrators (see: Kull), or puritan monster-hunters (see: Solomon Kane) as pulp/fantasy tropes. So it seems good to commemorate him with a guy who could be a good stand-in for N'Longa, Kane's sorcerous blood-brother and recurring ally. 

    • By Rigel
      I gave the third rifleman to a friend, so there won't be another post on this coming. 
      Today is the 140th anniversary of both Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift, so this seemed pretty apropos.

      Regimental colors are not the best camouflage.


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