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1 minute ago, Boaz said:

Tortoise ? I see no tortoise ... I see potential,  and tentacles,  some how coming together ... time will tell what I see ... in , uhm , time ...


You are clearly House Frogwarts. Sure you aren't related to @Froggy the Great


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That's a ... ehm ... unique (?) way of creating a miniature. I really love it.


May I ask: How stable is the whole construction? I mean ... does it get off balance easily and do you have to be quite careful carrying her around?

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 I made sure the worm body stood by itself before basing , this made it very stable , though the tentacles added a lil to the front the base more than makes up for it.


The arch in the neck makes fore easy handling and loads of hot glue coating thr tenticals (as well as lots of white glue in the build) makes it about as safe as most figures it's size.


 Check out theGMsCraft on youtube for a lot of this kinds stuff ... his purple worm and watcher in the water builds are are some of thr basic techniques with some construction materials thrown in.

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So I'm still pondering a simple question ... dose the use of gloss and flay/motte finnish on the worm look worth the pain of masking and multiple finnish shoots vs a single simple finnish ... SandwormAngle.thumb.jpg.13d4f4b357d09bcf62b5184cd85aebbd.jpg


 Dose the contrast in the finish coat impact the model enough to justify the extra effort in such a basic build ?SandwormFace.thumb.jpg.f8e512792ad205d74046167ec96c0f63.jpg

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