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Heresy Miniatures - Maggotmen

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And the last post here for today is a set of nasty looking Maggotmen by Heresy Miniatures. These will form part of my Dragon Rampant army at some point, similar to Ghouls they feast upon the corpses of their victims. 


A simple painting scheme was used and the models were left gloss to give them a wet look. 







Thanks for looking and as always comments welcome. 

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what do you get when you cross a human and a waterbear?  this was a question I really didn't need an answer to...

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They are WONDERFULLY grotesque Horrors. Just the thing to put on a gaming board next to the chips & dips. VERY NICELY DONE!

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      Thanks for looking as always comments welcome. 
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      thanks for looking as always comments welcome. 
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