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Dwarven army for Dragon Rampant

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13 hours ago, TGP said:

When Froggy does a Dragon Rampant Army he usually has 3-6 figures on a base. I thought the rules were geared to that...multiple figures on stands. 


Basic units in the game are 6 cavalry/creatures or 12 foot.  It's convenient to move multiple figure stands, but casualties are ordinarily tracked by individual figure removal, so basing them individually is more or less the default.  All of which is made more complicated by the use of "reduced model units" and "single model units" in which big and/or elite things (giants, heroes, etc...) are represented by smaller numbers of figures (or one) and take cumulative hits.  The book suggests the use of dice as hit markers in that case.

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Those transfers look great!

If you find them too bright you can always dull them down with some glazes to make them look muddy/bloody/worn.

The patterns are awesome!

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    • By lowlylowlycook
      This will be mostly Oathmark Goblins but I've also got some of Tre's Bones orcs for the bigger warriors and also some Bones Ogres that will serves as trolls.  By LotR inspired I mostly mean that they won't be bright green.  
      I've already painted some of GW's Fenrisian Wolves to be the Wargs.  

      The blond one and the little black one were inspired by my brother's dogs.  My nephews totally missed the joke when they fought against these guys in our D&D game.  
      So disappointing...
      I'm trying to work out how to do the orcs skin.  I'm trying to match the Green Ocher scheme I used on my 10mm orcs.
      First attempt:

      Second attempt was using Sepia liner as the shade color.  It also has brighter highlights but the gloss sealer basically simulates that in the first photo.

    • By lowlylowlycook
      On top of all that 10mm stuff, the releases of the Oathmark plastic lines (so far Dwarves and Orcs) from Northstar tempted me to start some Lord of the Rings inspired armies in 28mm.  These will be for Lion/Dragon Rampant and thus each force will be 50ish figures or so.  I also got some dark age miniatures from Footsore to be the Rohirrim.  I'll need to look up some horse painting guides before starting them in earnest.  
      I'd like to keep these fairly quick to paint so I'm doing a test on 3 minis.   The idea is to have basecoats, a bit of shading and some lining and then hit them with the appropriate Polyshades.

      Basecoated with a bit of shading  I'd like to take credit for finally doing a shield transfer but these transfers stick on before you wet and remove the backing so there isn't the usual process.

      With Polyshades added.   Tudor (black on the non orcs, a mix of tudor and walnut) If anything I think they're  are still a bit bright.    Maybe paint them darker or mix up the tutor can more.   Hmmmmmm.
      Any thoughts?
    • By VolksFest
      These three are from the Northstar Military Figures Skeleton Set, meant for the D&D game I found myself DM'ing after 10 years, lol.  


      My photo skillz are suffering more than ever it seems.. Here is another try with different lighting:

      They are very finely detailed and great fun to paint. Thanks for looking and C&C is as always very much appreciated. 
    • By Crowley
      Time to get the crew together, starting with the Heritor and Warden!

      Tonight was all about cleaning flash and mold lines, and there was a fair bit to do on both of these ladies. Also the Heritors swords were both really bent. They'll both be cut from their bases tomorrow and attached to new textured bases that all of the crew will be using.

      More on that tomorrow!
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