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Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

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my wallet is so scared right now




From bookface


 I hope so much, that you can produce this miniatures in a high quality for painters. I am a big fan of your work. But it is actually a very bad situation, that so many miniatures are produced in cheap PVC which does not equal the 3d renderings.
Limbo Miniatures
Limbo Miniatures Some of the characters will get a bigger scale resin version for painters 
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Need Want Have Get!


CMON starting a new campaign on the 10th is going to be a big competitor 'though.



 Some of the characters will get a bigger scale resin version for painters 


Do the resin ones have to be larger? I wouldn't mind them being the same scale.

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2 hours ago, Balgin Stondraeg said:

Need Want Have Get!


CMON starting a new campaign on the 10th is going to be a big competitor 'though.



Sounds like Eternal War got pushed back to the end of July.  I'm thinking the new CMON KS has something to do with it. 


2 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

my wallet is so scared right now





 Oh my!  That is amazing!

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I wish we could have gameplay size figures in resin instead but I'll take some large scale figures if need be.

Does anyone know any decent 75mm scale skirmish rules? Somehow Duel Fighters from Scale 75 & Ruination (by the now out of business Terragonsis - apparently they sold their post apocalyptic stuff to Alternative Armies but I don't believe they sold off their fantasy 75mm stuff) both feel rather incomplete. I keep pondering creating "a game of busts" to play with all those fancy busts out there but never got round to it yet.

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I shouldn't be letting this out but in the FB comments the creator did say there will be an Early Bird.  Sounds like it will be around $10 cheaper but they did not say if it would be a limited amount of copies of a certain amount of time for the EB.

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1 hour ago, Balgin Stondraeg said:

Bear in mind that those are Australian dollars.


I guess but then that means the price quoted by the creator is probably in AUD.  They said around 99 dollars so that would only be like $75 USD.  So early bird or not (heck, even AUD or USD) it seems like a great deal.

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    • By Deraj
      Hello All,
      My miniatures company, Deraj Studios, is launching a kickstarter campaign to produce a new line of true-scale 32mm miniatures from a fantastical version of the Sub-Sahara on Tuesday, July 31st. The eventual purpose of these miniatures is for use in my in-development skirmish game, Portals: Worlds Collide. 
      In the meantime, they're an excellent choice of miniatures for your favorite flavor of pen & paper roleplaying game, as well as in games of Frostgrave, Kings of War, Open Combat and a variety of other 'minis-agnostic' games in the 28mm-32mm scales.
      Here are some of the miniatures that are going to be featured in the campaign:

      Mudlings - 18 and 19mm to the top of their heads.

      Brute Boulder Tosser - 28mm to the top of his head

      Brute Beater - 34mm to the top of his head

      Slorn Packbeast & Tryl Merchant - 65mm to the top of Merchant's head, 55mm to the top of Slorn Packbeast's head.

      Grum Snatcher - This miniature will be 85mm to the top of his head. 

      Grum Shaman - This miniature will be 85mm to the top of his head.

      Grum Berserker - this miniature will be 85mm to the top of his head.

      Grum Seer - This miniature will be 35mm to the top of his head.

      Grum Berserker & Shaman Set, WIP Sculpt.
      We are a growing tabletop games company producing a line of true 32mm fantasy figures inspired by various folklore around the world. Our previous campaign and the resulting miniatures from it were based on Slavic fantasy, I'm excited to explore my ideas for fantastical versions of different cultures with you all.
      I'll be updating this post as the launch date draws nearer with more of the miniatures and concept art featured in the campaign, as well as a few spotlights on the artists of Deraj Studios.
      Thank you all, c&c appreciated.
      - Jared Anderson of Deraj Studios
    • By Carnacki the Ghost Finder
      Live Link:
      Two week campaign
      Information is growing on Cmon page and BGG.  This rings all the right bells and is likely to mug me quite severely.
      From the Facebook announcement:
      "The ritual has started, and there’s no stopping it now. The only hope for the Investigators…and the rest of the world for that matter, is to disrupt it just enough so that when the Elder One arrives, it will be vulnerable for a split second. Just long enough to kill it!
      They’ll get their chance when Cthulhu: Death May Die comes to Kickstarter on July 10 at 3 PM EST. The new game from CMON and Guillotine Games combines the creative talents of Eric M. Lang and Rob Daviau. Stay tuned as we reveal more about the Investigators risking their lives and the unspeakable horrors they will face off against."
      Or as Mr. Lang says in interviews, the game where you "shoot Cthulhu in the face." 
    • By GamestartEdizioni
      On July 5, the new project by Gamestart Editions "Fantasy World Creator" will be launched on the Kickstarter platform, designed by role players for role players.

      FWC arises from the need to unify in a single product different tools useful for roleplayer and those who create adventures. On the market, there are anonymous rewritable sheets for maps, a few miniatures from high cost and different rigid supports of the most varied materials: many things but unstructured and that would require high costs to have in hand something sufficient to a game setting, all that it is impractical especially for those who approach roleplaying but want to immediately enjoy the immersive.

      "Fantasy World Creator" overcomes all these gaps by bringing together in a single box multi-settings modular planks with standard movement grid (2.5 cm), vertical tokens that reproduce dozens of different monsters and all the available classes of the major GDRs combined with horizontal tokens for quick settings of the environments; all accompanied by a "state" token to indicate effects of spells and abilities and from character planks to keep track of momentary increases during combat. A fundamental feature of FWC is that all the parts of the support are totally rewritable with dry ink markers, so as to ensure infinite reuse and versatility and to maximize this point have been inserted "blank" vertical tokens, totally customizable, to add anyone in adventures. Particular mention should also be made of the materials chosen for high strength and laminated with specific plastics on both sides for additional strength and reliability during game sessions.
      Versatility and completeness are the cornerstones of this add-on, combined with a "hand-drawn" graphic that will leave intact the philosophy of "paper, pen and imagination" that has made the role-playing game famous all over the world.

      Analyzing in more detail FWC from the Kickstarter page we find 3 different proposals

          The "Base Beginner Hero" package: with contents closer to those who start playing from lower level characters and containing specific planks for "Dungeon", "Wildlands" and "Castle" settings, combined with more common and recurrent environmental tokens (both for exteriors and interiors, such as trees, tables, stairs, etc.). The character compartment has the 6 most used classes and middle-class monsters; the extra features include the "state" tokens and quick flicks. Despite being an "Entry level" product, it is still complete and will be offered at a price comparable to that of a basic D&D manual.

          The "Advanced Master Hero" package contains the most interesting components: in addition to the "Base" package, there are planks in the additional "Subterran" and "Urban interiors" settings, combined with larger environmental tokens (up to 20 cm) including roofs; this last implementation, although it may seem trivial at first sight, is instead very useful not to reveal the interiors of buildings (read planks "urban interior") without the players decide to enter and allowing, thanks to the grid here, to fight and move as if you were on a higher level, which is very useful in stealth missions. In this package will be present the monsters of greater size and the characters of other 6 more specific classes; central is also the presence of a Dragon, with a token of size "Gargantuan".

          As a third package there will be a very limited "Artist" version consisting of 3 highly discounted "Advance" boxes, plus the possibility of inserting a character (or a monster) with your face and an official t-shirt with original logos and illustrations.

      The original illustrations are in fact what, thanks to FWC, will make you seem to live your adventure in an illustrated book. All the characters and the monsters are the work of two Italian artists, Elisa Serio and Manuele Brandani. Their technique is a direct pen on paper, all freehand; a unique style for a unique definition. The environmental tokens are instead illustrated, always by hand, by Andrea Alemanno, another emerging artist in Italy.

      "Fantasy World Creator" has already been called "The Dungeon Master's Egg of Columbus" according to its supporters.

      Crowdfunding will be essential for the production of this project and will allow all those who want to immediately experience the role-playing experience at 360 °, to pre-purchase the first print run at a definitely lower price and to take advantage of some promotions limited to the launch of the Kickstarter.

      Appointment then to July 5 for the launch!

      Stay tuned!

    • By Darsc Zacal
      Coming soon.
      The Goblin Dragon Riders, is a series of collectible miniatures, specific for painters, collectors and players,  concepted by the Italian illustrator Davide Molino and sculpted by Daniele Trovato and Raffaele Stumpo.
      What can you  expect? Dragons, Goblins, Demon Hunters, and Sorcerers 
      Limited Edition Miniatures for people who are passionate about unique pieces and who want to play, paint and have fun.
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