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Speed paint monsters Hoard of the Dragon Queen

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Have had to rush some minis for our ongoing Dnd campaign, Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Am not the DM but paint the minis. 


All Reaper Bones that started with Army Painter ink washes in one colour over the whole thing. Then using Vallejo paints as base layers and finishing off with another ink wash to tie things together.


The Drakes are "young fire dragons" with the wings cut off. With more time I would have sorted out the two stumps where each wing was. 


The Lizardman is standing in for a troglodyte and the Lilies are standing in for Violet Fungi. 


The cultists are just the Mythos / Cthulu cultists. 


There is a roper as well. 


Can really recommend lining Bones with ink as a liner which I know a lot of others recommend. The whole lot took 3 hours so it is a quick way of getting things onto the table. 










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Maybe it's just some kind of internet weirdness, but I'm not seeing any pictures....?

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35 minutes ago, Brianuk said:

I think I posted twice by accident once with pics once without... Sorry. There should be pics now. 


You did; I just merged the two threads so there wasn't a duplicate. ^_^ The pictures in the first post are showing up just fine!


Great use of the ink washes over the colored basecoat, that really made things nice and speedy!



--OneBoot :D

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You got some pretty great results in a short amount of time; nice job!:winkthumbs:

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