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Any tips on dealing with black dragon scales?  I've gone looking for references, and they seem to be one of the more challenging dragons to paint -- apt to wind up an undifferentiated mass of black if you're not careful.


My basic thought was to do a base coat of Green Liner, then go over it with Blue liner, then solid Black for the majority of the scale, and maybe try for some shiny highlights using very narrow carefully applied bits of pure white.  That would get some tonal variation to the scales -- working on the theory that it's actually closer to green near the base and then hardens to full black the further out the scale gets.

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I'd pick a not-black low saturation color to highlight with, and bring highlights up to just barely white on the highest scales (tips of the scales on top of shoulders, crest of back, etc). Perhaps pick a color matching the sort of breath attack you envision; greens for acid, red for fire, purple for shadow or somesuch. 


You don't have to be solid black to be a black dragon. Just mostly black. Ever seen Archer? He has like... 50 black turtlenecks and they're all different color blacks :poke:

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DKS is super great at painting black!



I also have this saved in my OneNote - they are screenshots so I don't have the original links.





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