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The Heads of Apep

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I'm running a scenario that calls for the PCs to fight manifestations of Apep, the ancient Egyptian betrayer god.  In Golarion, he's a giant serpent god; I've envisioned him as a truly titanic hydra who has countless heads and can shove them through holes in reality so that he can be on all sides of the PCs at once.  They never get to see his main body; only his heads.


But there are twelve of them.  I searched long and hard, but could not find any pre-made minis that were just a dragon head.  So finally I got two copies of 02203: Hydra of Lerna, which have six heads each, and performed some surgery.  A little work with a razor saw and I have my 12 heads.




At this point I've primed them, bored holes in each, and attached bits of brass rod, then set them aside to dry, thus:




I prepped 12 blank 2-inch black Reaper bases by drilling holes in them (not pictured).  And that's as far as I've gotten so far.  I plan to make water bases, which will be interesting.  I'd like to have the effect of ripples of water spreading out from each neck as if they erupted from the surface.  No idea how to do that; I'll have to go do research.

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