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Gave the eyes a go.

Walnut Brown, Linen White, Walnut Brown pupil.  Getting it to here took 2 tries.


The sculpt makes this technique space the eyes apart a little too much, but it’s as good as I could hope for, so going to keep it.  As an aside, it looked acceptable and even good when it was just Walnut Brown, like the helm cast a deep shadow on his eyes.7809118E-BCE8-4ECF-A196-F1338ADF0A49.thumb.jpeg.73ff922798aa2e914c8e20247af66f33.jpeg

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A little progress.

These skin shots were taken 2 weeks ago.

Reapplied Rosy Shadow, then layered in Rosy Highlight, finally Fair Skin.



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Thanks, wolf.


Here is the work on the wraps/leathers.

Uniform Brown reapplied, then lightened in two stages with Khaki Highlight.



And the greens.

I reapplied Christmas wreath, then grass green, then 50/50 grass green/MSP Sample olive greenish, then full sample.


I tried to paint the base like grass with random hashes in the same direction.



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Some more progress after a hiatus:

I did his leather armor bracer things.  I think it was Ginger Cookie and Khaki Highlight.


Then I worked on the copper nmm.  Tarnished Copper, New Copper, Linen white, and Pure White.  Then I glazed a very very thin layer of Mahogany Brown to knock it down.  I still need to apply some white pinpoint highlights to amp up the shine.





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Made some more progress.  The Iron NMM is Cloudy Grey with HD Solid White and Solid Black.


The beard is the Carrot Top Red Triad.


I’m mostly happy with the iron, but parts of it are not doing it for me.  The shapes of the spiked shoulder pad, weird axe shape, and sword fuller with runes all proved trickier than I wanted.


I might go back to touch it up later, but am calling those parts done for now.





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