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Gave the eyes a go.

Walnut Brown, Linen White, Walnut Brown pupil.  Getting it to here took 2 tries.


The sculpt makes this technique space the eyes apart a little too much, but it’s as good as I could hope for, so going to keep it.  As an aside, it looked acceptable and even good when it was just Walnut Brown, like the helm cast a deep shadow on his eyes.7809118E-BCE8-4ECF-A196-F1338ADF0A49.thumb.jpeg.73ff922798aa2e914c8e20247af66f33.jpeg

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A little progress.

These skin shots were taken 2 weeks ago.

Reapplied Rosy Shadow, then layered in Rosy Highlight, finally Fair Skin.



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More recently, I worked on his linens.

Reapplied Khaki Highlight, worked in layers of solid white.



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Thanks, wolf.


Here is the work on the wraps/leathers.

Uniform Brown reapplied, then lightened in two stages with Khaki Highlight.



And the greens.

I reapplied Christmas wreath, then grass green, then 50/50 grass green/MSP Sample olive greenish, then full sample.


I tried to paint the base like grass with random hashes in the same direction.



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Some more progress after a hiatus:

I did his leather armor bracer things.  I think it was Ginger Cookie and Khaki Highlight.


Then I worked on the copper nmm.  Tarnished Copper, New Copper, Linen white, and Pure White.  Then I glazed a very very thin layer of Mahogany Brown to knock it down.  I still need to apply some white pinpoint highlights to amp up the shine.





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