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I don’t often do WIP.

I figured I’d start one.

I’m still working toward Reign of Winter Adventure Path appropriate models.  Kord has a Viking vibe.


He’s been trimmed, washed, brown-liner primered.  I removed the glued on piece of his wolf pelt to get at other stuff.  I’ll glue it on later, then green stuff and finish painting.


I’m blocking in basecoats now.  Skin and furs so far.BF556660-ED7F-45D4-8E30-DBA41475520B.thumb.jpeg.edebb7f204825001e8eb405e07b7234c.jpeg081AF60C-90CF-49A9-9DCB-BF118A549E17.thumb.jpeg.00865fb18d20b8e9b55a0e8e8410b6a0.jpeg

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Good start!


I mostly use WiPs to keep track of what I've done and what colors I use for situations where I abandon a mini for a while then can't remember what it was I'd done... 

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That’s a good thought.

I guess I could put colors in the accomplish that.



Gray bits are stone grey.

Skin is Rosy Shadow.

Skirt is Christmas Wreath.

Wraps/Under linens are Khaki Highlight

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Mahogany Brown on some of the leather goods.  I wanted some reddish hue to play off the green.


I may change the creamy color of the foot wraps to be more medium brown...

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To continue:

Decided on Bronze/Copper for the horns, crossguard/pommel, and a few assorted metal trim.  Based in Tarnished Copper.  That goes on thin, so what you see is 3 coats.


Did the weapon handles and leather belt/straps in Uniform Brown.



I want to paint the rock gray, but that leaves me trying to paint the ground as either grass or snow.  Any ideas?

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Good thought.  I don’t have any birch pod debris.  I’ll look for some...

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Did change the foot wraps to Uniform Brown, as you can see in prior photo.


Now, the beard is based in Auburn Shadow.


The rock is Stone Grey.

The base grass is Christmas Wreath.

Added another coat of skin tone.




Basecoats are done.  On to the wash/glaze step.

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Thank you both.


Glazes/Washes done.

Armor / Fur got Reaper Black Wash.

Skin and Copper got GW Reikland Flesh Shade.

Leather stuff got GW Agrax Earthshade.

Skirt and Grass got GW Biel-Tan Green.

Rock got all of the above.





Next, highlighting/layering.

I’ll start with the skin, which forces me to decide how to address his half-hidden beady little eyes!

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