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Bought time to shift gears ... I need to get some sculpting / reach hard spot tools , some green stuff to work the claws out (total rookie) ,and switch from flexall to vinyl spackle fore the next few coats (smoother and more sandable) ...



 Face to face with the Sifter ...



 Over head, stay out of reach ...


As he starts to take shape I'll have to work on his hidden counter ... 3 eye stalks poking up out of the ground ...


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4 hours ago, Boaz said:

 Problem with uploading files ... no pics today.


That's unfortunate. Still - Quite a cool outcome so far.

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 So I do have a gallery of the sand sifters development on postimg... Sand Sifter Gallery ... a step by step with no text ... he has gotten smother and his claws got a lil attention ... I also made a few reach hard spot tools ...


 Since I'm putting up gallery links I might as well through up a link for the ... Sand Worm Gallery ... for one stop viewing of some of planet Kuden's wildlife .

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Picked up some sculpting tools the other day ... big help in the hard to get a fat finger in spots ... here's our friend showing them off in his beefed up claws.




 Yay for being able to upload picks again ::D:

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 Don't know if latest work on him will show in the photo but ... lot of odd spots cleaned up and a lot of sanding / smoothing ... next time, the yenticals get wire core and stay detached till done ... am getting practice with the new tools thou ...SmootherSifter.thumb.jpg.bab997dda74a5d2283edaa7a04c49279.jpg

 So supple seen shifting sands supporting said sand Sifter ... 

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      Got a second wing of skimmers to get together and a few more conversions to hack up but the Kulathi Horde is starting to take shape ... 3 strike units to the left, 3 fire units to the right, 2 hound assault up front, 2 heavy weapon teams and 3 command elements in center with skimmer fire support wing around back (skimmer assault wing and ace special in the works) ... 

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