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Anno Domini 1666

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$40 addon for 2 humans and a werewolf plus cards and stuff. Going by the other addons, humans are about $7, so the werewolf is... $26? Or if I based it off the single unit, the werewolf is $22?

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29 minutes ago, pcktlnt said:

$40 addon for 2 humans and a werewolf plus cards and stuff. Going by the other addons, humans are about $7, so the werewolf is... $26? Or if I based it off the single unit, the werewolf is $22?


Your not wrong, it does come with an additional scenario, I am not sure exactly what that entitles but the creator did say it was more material than the other add ons. The Plastic set is $25. The sample they showed of the plastic minis looks really good. The picture below, the Dark grey is metal and the light grey/tan is plastic.


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Man, this is tempting. I could use the figures for the game Swashbuckler. But the price is pretty high. It does appear that if I back it at the $1 level, I will be able to buy individual metal figures for $9 each. But if I end up buying 10 or more then it would be better to just buy the base game.




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Didn’t realize that those last two figures were tribute figures for the Professional. Natalie Portman... ha!

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I wish we'd get a sword wielding antonio to go with the pistol one..  they combined El Mariachi, Zorro and puss in boots in one figure.. I'm in for a $1 right now for some metal minis, but I agree.. if I end up finding 10 I want its a better deal for the game

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PM done.. managed to hold back a little:


829 Metal miniature - Antonio
826 Metal miniature - Leonzio
786 Metal miniature - Ibrahim
806 Metal miniature - Horpyna

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Update today. Delay, upshot is we get a free mini.


"How much of a delay are we talking about? Considering all of the above, we still can’t provide a fixed date. Our best estimate is a 2-3 months delay.

The metal miniatures are being manufactured right now. Orders with metal miniatures will be shipped ahead of the ones containing plastic, but it still won’t happen in April. Considering that plastic (which concerns 90% of our backers) is delayed, we took the several extra weeks to work on the game rules. Polishing a game is a never ending process – thanks to your feedback, and our testers’ work, we still keep coming up with fixes and improvements.

Please keep in mind that all the components apart from the miniatures are being made in Poland, so the time constraints are much more relaxed. Shipping from the printer will take one day instead of several weeks. Printing the first several components will commence in about two weeks. The last thing we are going to print is the rulebook. Before that happens, we will show it to you and ask for feedback. Printing will be done by a reputable Polish company (Trefl), so you don’t need to worry about the quality.

Those of you who ordered just the metal miniatures (without the cards) will have their packages shipped on schedule in April.'



Initially she was supposed to be in one of the upcoming Anno Domini 1666 expansions (featuring mercenaries). Instead, every pledge that includes the base game will also receive the miniature (plastic or metal - matching the given pledge). The Elector pledge will receive a painted mini.

You will learn more about Elena in an upcoming update. The miniature is being manufactured right now, but her rules are still being worked on. For now we can say for sure she will be available as a mercenary, but we are thinking about doing a bit more with her.


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I'll have my metal minis in April..so I should be able to preview those when they come in for the thread.. 

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