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Board Gaming Table: Beast Meets Beauty

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I have been a gamer my entire life. Early in 2017, I decided to take my years of manufacturing and construction experience and build myself a gaming table.  

I wanted something sturdy, something that I could see myself passing to my children someday. A table dedicated to gaming at night and yet able to be a beautiful piece of dining room furniture the rest of the time.  

My first gaming session with my friends ended with two of them asking how quickly they could have their own and how much it would cost. That got the wheels rolling. Two months later, I showed the tables to a large group at Grand-Con. Several hundred positive comments later and here we are.

Grand Con 2017 Grand Con 2017

The designs are set. Choose from coffee, dining, and pub tables.

Coffee Table
Overall dimensions 2 foot 6 inches X 3 foot 6 inches
Internal Play Area 2 foot X 3-foot x 3.5 inches deep
Coffee Table in Knotty Pine with Hairpin Legs Coffee Table in Knotty Pine with Hairpin Legs

Dining Table

Overall dimensions 3 foot 6 inches X 5 foot 6 inches 
Internal Play Area 3 foot X 5 foot x 3.5 inches deep 

Dining Table in Cherry With Two-Piece Top Dining Table in Cherry With Two-Piece Top
Dining Table in Cherry With Kona Stain Dining Table in Cherry With Kona Stain
Table quickly and easily converts from dining room to gaming. Table quickly and easily converts from dining room to gaming.

 Pub Table

Overall dimensions 4 foot 6 inches X 4 foot 6 inches  
Internal Play Area 4 foot X 4 foot x 3.5 inches deep

Pub Table in Red Oak Pub Table in Red Oak


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It's a pity that if you want one built you must be in the United States..  Most other gaming tables are available internationally from the vendors. 


Neat looking table in sizes that not all of the others offer. 

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I'm guessing they are just not ready to handle International shipping.. I'd guess they will have to eventually.  Per usual, the size I like does not come in the style I'd like.  (Pub table size, Kitchen table height)

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Cool, but 1) moneys, 2) space, 3) I liked the ones I saw at ComicCon a bit more, and most importantly... 4) I'm saving up for a table made of orbicular granite. 

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