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Jasper's One Day Speedpaint, Mutant Chronicles Warzone: Prophet

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While waiting for washes to dry on an exchange fig this morning, I decided I'd try getting a decent paint job onto a fig I pulled out of the latest BoGW that @robinh let me browse through last week.

I pulled this fig because I thought it would work well as an evil mage type in the Savage Rifts setting.  But I didn't think I'd use it for the current game, as the last encounter is tonight, before we switch over to 5th Ed for a while.

But what the heck, I'm going to see what I can do with him anyway.



Here's about 40 minutes of base coating. Robes/gloves will be dark red, tassley cloak thing will be purpley greys.  Lots of metals.


Anyone able to identify him?  GW?  Warzone maybe? (Identified below.....)


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Updating with mini name
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looks mutant chronicles like.


edit, and it is!

Mutant chronicles warzone, tribes of earth, crescentian tribes, prophet


Man did they need less clunky names.

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Thanks very much @Werkrobotwerk !


Taking a short break.


Robes are done, leathers in progress, some washes on hair, wash on skin, first purpley layer on cloak, touched up a billion white spots (this guy came primed in white).


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And it is 4 pm here, so looks like I'm done.




Came out ok for such a quick job, took maybe 3 hours to get to there.

Now to go start supper and then hit it with a quick coat of dull coat.




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