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That's pretty epic. Bases are great and your faces turned out way better than mine. I still need to finish the warlord though and I haven't touched the new ones yet.

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You've done some really nice work on these guys; great job!:winkthumbs:

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Nice variations of skin tone ... nice to see them mixed in instead of them all the same. Like the base theme too.

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Amazing work!  I love the rust effect on the axe and metal bits of the armor. 

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Thanks, the rust is more like 'this looks pretty' instead of 'this bit should be rusty' though. ;)

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OUTSTANDING! They are individually SPLENDIDLY painted & based creations, BUT the Group Portrait raises them to a WONDROUS new level. VERY WELL DONE!

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Wow those look amazing!  I love the classic green for the Orc and I think the yellow is great. 

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    • By Vega
      Can't seem to find these guys.  It says they're from Bones 3.

    • By Lidless Eye
      Last up in my recently finished miniatures are a set of Animal-Folk from Reaper, all part of Bones 3.  I believe some are Lyncanthropes and some from the Savage Avatars sets.

      The pack:

      The Gorilla King, with hat:

      And without:

      The Were-Gorilla:

      Werebear don't care:

      A rather standard Werewolf:

      Wereboar gotta go fast:

      And a Water-Buffalo-Man.  I realized I painted him after a Yak, then remembered that's not the animal he was meant to be.

    • By Darcstaar
      This was my entry for the Quarterly Bones Reaper Fan Facebook Painting Contest.
      The Angel of Shadow.  She was good enough for an Honorable Mention (Thanks Reaper Matt)!
      For the prior contest, I liked how people were getting interesting light effects by using a black backdrop, so I tried that.
      Another reason I wanted to do it was to see if I could put her on a standard gaming base, supported by a rod painted black to fade into the backdrop, to give her a good illusion of flying.
      Also, this was my first attempt at Monochrome.  My final idea was to do a weapon swap to a wand (A cross-looking weapon from the BONES 3 Weapon Sprue), and sculpted my take on Acid Arrow, painting it green as the only color on the model, like those stunning black and white photos with colored flowers, etc.  I would say I'm a much better painter than sculptor
      Her paints used
      As time wore down, I had to abandon thoughts of OSL, so I made it seem like her lantern had died out and the spell didn't cast much light.
      Here are some other photos against an out-of-focus rug to show some tighter details.
      I tried to put some texture into the fabric of her dress, which was another first.
      C&C Welcome!



    • By DragonWyrm
      After a while of not posting any painted pieces I present to you my pledge from Stonehaven Adventurers 2018. They have been painted using a limited palett of: titanium buff, titanium white, prussian blue, red oxide, burnt umber, raw umber and yellow ochre. They were fun to paint even if some of them are tinny. My favourite fo the bunch is the thief, I am not sure if you can see it from the photos but the base looks like water without using water effect (modelling paste and a wash of prussian blue + yellow ochre).


      The Side:

      Close ups:
      The witch:

      The Thief:

      The Tracker:

      The Warrior (Only one with gloss varnish):
      The Assassin:

      The Pet:

      An extra of the Warrior and Ferret (or one of the related species).

    • By Weird-O
      Another figure for Dragon Age.

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