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Image Upload Issues

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Hi there,  completely new on this forum and have a bit of an issue trying to upload / attach an image on a topic.


attachment upload always throw me a :

"There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200"


I am using Chrome on Mac OS.


I tried to look for that issue for that forum , but I mostly come on reaper "DAW" message board rather than here :D, also tag like link don't seem to work either , I am seeing nothing in the preview.


if anyone could enlighten me about this that would be nice :) 




PS : I am trying to up on the Show Off section of the forum by the way ( just saw a post related to picture but doesn't solve my problem since I don't pass the attachement process.

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This is a known issue caused by a recent security update. @kit, the board's IT wizard, is aware of the issue and working to find a solution. 


See also this thread:


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