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Spring Exchange - Brand Oathblood

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Great work, the composition is very good. I especially like the tattoos and the tiger pelt.

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Luv da bunny , and building up the base and adding the other mini too ... kinda much for the lil bunny mini , but you pull it off very well.

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    • By Crimson_king_of_the_tower
      Ok I don't do that many WIPs but I thought I'd try on this one. This is so far a base coat and 6 layers of shading. I like to use glazes so the build up is very gradual and I have to remember that everytime I start a mini lol. I will put down about 10 more layers going down all the way to a deep purple. This is at the pure tanned skin shadow phase. It will be slow going due to work but I will keep up with it. Comments and criticism welcome and before it gets mentioned I removed no mold lines this is more of a proof of concept to see if I can finish a wip post and how my skin painting is coming along. Thanks! 

    • By SGHawkins09
      I painted Stonehaven’s Halfling Berserker to use as my gnome barbarian D&D character. It was a fairly quick paint job for me, only a few hours. I had finished everything but the metallics a few months ago and kept forgetting to finish her up. 

    • By giyomuSan
      Finally , closing that project..was fun and learn quite a bit doing it.

    • By giyomuSan
      Finished this guy , so I can get him on the vignette with his Orc friend now...
      Not so happy with how end up the skin..need to work and practice more on having smooth layer for that kind of stuff :(
      Wip thread link, since there was one :
      And here the guy..

      Now time to finish that scenery !
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