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Scenic Grass Tufts and Flowers Kickstarter

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Got mine yesterday.  Had enough time to open the box, see I had lots of packages of stuff, and that was it.  Hopefully I'll have more time on Sunday.

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20 minutes ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

If anyone else has had mail trouble before, any advice on what I can do?


I've had tracking say something was delivered & it wasn't. Granted this was a retail place & not actual USPS tracking. It may be a day off or so. If it's USPS, contact them here:



I've upgraded a few bases to my RCon gaming minis, using basing grits & tufts. I kinda wish I would have backed this one. Oh well I'll just keep a eye out for retail from them.

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Give it a day or two and then contact either the shipping company or the KS company.

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I may have had mine almost delivered. One of hubby's friends had car trouble on the way to his baby being born, so hubby went help him out. Of course, when he got back there was a missed delivery thing on the door. 


The baby is purple, I suggested they name her Violet. :lol:

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