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This little guy caused me a bit of pain.  I sliced my finger open getting him off his base.  Despite that, he was fun to paint.  I was using a really limited palette because he just screams redcap to me.  Thus, the blood red hat.  It was a quick and dirty paint job, to take my mind of things for a bit.  Fun he was though!  As always, C&C welcomed.


Used BONES paints:
09279 - Fresh Blood

09121 - Khaki Shadow

09274 - Vampiric Shadow

09442 - Barbarian Flesh

09441 - Ruddy Flesh

09438 - Tempest Grey

09436 - Bleached Linen





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That's a gnome I don't want to meet in my garden.


Great job!

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Very appropriate that you cut yourself and shed some blood before painting a redcap.


Good job on him!

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I heard that that enemy "tribe" in Massive Darkness was supposed to be Redcaps to begin with, but they went with Dwarfs to make it more accessible.  Lovely work!

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