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77447: Werecrocodile

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Now that I can upload pics again... The first miniature finished this month!  This guy was a lot of fun to paint and I love the way he came out.  Had a little trouble making the highlights high enough on the first try and had to go back and make the highlights lighter.  C&C welcome and appreciated.



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That looks like a fun miniature to paint! Well done.


If I may make some recommendations for you:



  1. Mold lines: I would spend a little more time on getting mold lines off. IF you get them off and suspect there are more. Do a quick wash with brown or black and they will pop out for you. 
  2. This miniature, If you were to do a quick brown wash (<-link) over this miniature it would add a +1 to your details here. Add a little depth to him. Make him pop just a little bit more. ;) Then you could dry brush over him again with the same green and it will add a +2 of depth. :) 
  3. Lastly, Green Stuff the gap in his tail. If you can get decent sculpting tools on amazon for cheap. As well as Vaseline for your tools. The Vaseline helps your tools glide over the Green Stuff. 



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I love this mini! I echo what Arc 724 said, particularly about a wash.  There's a lot of texture on this guy (or gal), and a wash + drybrush layer will really, really enhance the contrast and detail.


Also, Thanks Arc 724 for the vaseline trick- never knew that!

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