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Darsc Zacal

StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

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32 minutes ago, pcktlnt said:


I haven't researched into the project, but can we do the $12 pledge and add individuals?


Don't see why not, they've always had a pledge manager for that afterwards.

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13 hours ago, vulture said:

That seems like it would be a good compromise. There are certainly people who need a variety of classical adventurers, and folks like me who are looking for more unusual fare -  it checks both boxes.

I'm hoping they will do some more of their specialist minis either in odd races or the classic ones.  One of the things I love about their work is the Baker, blacksmith assistant, elven merchant, Grippli shaman, gnome tinkerer, etc.  the people you need to fill in a town or living area or diorama but never seem to have. Also the minis you need to remind the players that there will be times when you don't want your character dripping with arms



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I wish them luck, I backed almost all their projects, but

1712 Backers $136.487

1374 Backers $147.206

778 Backers $94.165

596 Backers $58.966

798 Backers $81.776

440 Backers $42.706

Adventurers 2017:
420 Backers $28.895

...given these ever decreasing numbers, when does this stop being sustainable for StoneHaven?

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20 minutes ago, Godfather Punk said:

...given these ever decreasing numbers, when does this stop being sustainable for StoneHaven?

I've been wondering this myself and I'm not sure as to the reason.


In the early kickstarters, StoneHaven backers were very active in the comments sections, lots of support, encouragement, ideas, and requests. 

Mike always seemed a bit uncomfortable interacting with the backers but Petra was great.


Now the comments have very little activity. The core group of interactive backers seems missing for the most part.

StoneHaven replies to questions, but sometimes it can take days before they post them.


Maybe its backer burnout, maybe it's just more competiton on kickstarter from other projects drawing backers money, maybe it's  that several moves and a growing family have taken their toll on Mike and Petra.

I kinda feel that Mikes concept art isn't as inspired as it once was.

Maybe Mike has to take a break from a fantasy project and try a different genre or ideas like Michael from Oathsworn did with his Sensible Shoes and Burrows and Badgers kickstarters.


Maybe Mike took things a bit too personal with the backlash his elves got and isn't taking the creative chances he once did... I dont know.

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I backed everything before the giants. I do think the first two projects were the best, the later designs are still interesting (I even like the much maligned elves), but the flatness that has crept in to many minis has been disappointing. I skipped the giants mainly because they didn't really fit in with the giants I already have.


Then came the Adventurers ks. First it was a point buy system, I am not a fan. I shouldn't need to do math to figure out what minis will cost. Then, they offered a 100 point bonus to backers of the Giants project, but nothing for backers of any of the previous kickstarters which caused even more ill will. They didn't even announce that project (nor this one for that matter) to backers of the previous projects. It might not have been intentional, but it seemed like they wanted a clean break and didn't want old backers returning. Look at those numbers, there are potentially 1000s of backers of earlier projects who don't even know this one exists.

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Both the Giants and the Adventurers 2017 seemed like they were smaller projects to begin with, with not as many stretch goals planned or intended.  Stonehaven was very quiet on the comments sections during Adventurers, as well.  I noticed they're more active again on this project.

I'm hoping it gets some more attention later on.  There's still a ton of ideas on Instagram I'd love to see.

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Whoa, I agree. That's a beautiful mini. I haven't been following the campaign the last few days. Gonna have to drop by and raise my pledge to get that one. Might be my new favorite in the KS. 

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Stonehaven is solid in their delivery.


I backed the giants post Kickstarter and enjoyed many of the sculpts from it.


The elf set was my least favorite.


If the minis strike your fancy and you want to know if they deliver, they do.

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So far I'm in for four. The crouching female human thief, male dwarf ranger, goblin archer, and the feisty Kobold. I don't think they're all gonna be in the same party in my game though.

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There are quite a few things I would like, got to make sure certain monies get moved around first before I will be able to bid on this one. We have till late june, correct?

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