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Grenadier Future Warriors #1502 Robo Hunters, some classic old figures

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These are from the old Grenadier set #1502 Robo Hunters from the Future Warriors range, sculpted by Mark Copplestone, a vision of the future from the 1980s.


I wanted to paint up some PoC figures. The Grace Jones lookalike was an obvious choice, as was the glowering dude in dreadlocks. The teenager fits too. There's also a guy with some ludicrous hair but I didn't paint him this time.


All paints used are Golden Matte Fluid Acrylics. Color mixes are (usually) noted, but not exact ratios.


Questions are welcomed and I will try to answer them. Critiques are appreciated.


This is the way I usually start miniature figures: Lightly primed with Titanium White, then when that is dry, washing it over with Burnt Umber. Burnt Umber is a dark, transparent pigment that settles into crannies when thinned down and shows the details very well. It also gives a nice warm undertone to later paint layers.






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I have a thing for the old Grenadier minis.

these are wonderful, happy to see them getting painted.

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For dark skin I like to use a base of Burnt Umber, lightened with a mix of Titanium White and Yellow Ochre.


These are painted with exaggerated lights. I find skin looks more luminous if it is initially painted up a little pale and then glazed with a medium skin tone. So right now they look a little chalky (or "ashy", as my friend would say). Lips are Red Oxide and pinks are Red Oxide plus Titanium White. Hair and eye sockets have a simple wash of Carbon Black.












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I glazed over their skin with a mix of Burnt Umber (for depth of dark brown) and Burnt Sienna (for richer orange undertones). The "Teenage Robo Hunter" also got some pink (Red Oxide + Titanium White) added to her knees while the paint was still wet.





The Grace Jones Robo Hunter had a bit of a pseudo-Egyptian vibe with that Nefertiti hair, so I added an Egyptian style wadjet under her left (our right) eye.



And an ankh tattoo.


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Now for some 1980s color on those clothes!


I laid in some Red Oxide on the male Robo Hunter. Normally this is a fairly opaque color, but thinned down it lets the brown underneath show through.





I laid in some Yellow Ochre on the Teen Robo Hunter's dress. Like Red Oxide, it is basically rust and fairly opaque, but here is thinned down so you can see the underpainting.



I painted her glasses Titanium White (above) so I could make them look glowing green (below) with a wash of Phthalo Green just lightened with a touch of Titanium White.



Working on hair, alternating grey highlights mixed from Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, and Titanium White, and glazes of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber mixed to a near-black. I also added eyebrows (Carbon Black) and purple eyeshadow (Quinacridone Magenta, Ultramarine Blue, and Titanium White) to her.





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Good ones!


The guy in the trenchcoat ( awesome idea to paint it red) reminds me a bit of Tyr Anasazi from Andromeda ( played by Keith Hamilton Cobb)



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On 5/28/2018 at 4:15 AM, Glitterwolf said:

Good ones!


The guy in the trenchcoat ( awesome idea to paint it red) reminds me a bit of Tyr Anasazi from Andromeda ( played by Keith Hamilton Cobb)


Cool! Although the figure predates the series by a decade or so.


Anyhow, I decided to paint the Teen Robo Hunter's dress pink. This is a blend of Red Oxide and Quinacridone Crimson, lightened with Titanium White. Her sneakers are painted with straight Red Oxide.  I also put some grey on the bases, mixed from Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, and Titanium White.





I laid in a transparent near-black on her jacket mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna.











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I decided to give the Grace Jones Robo Hunter a purple top. Originally I was going to paint the trousers scarlet but I later decided on blue, so ignore the Red Oxide wash. This is a dull purple mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Red Oxide, thinned with Titanium White.





Then laid over that is this brighter violet mixed from Phthalo Blue and Quinacridone Magenta, lightened with Titanium White. I also started to color her trousers with a gunmetal blue mixed from Phthalo Blue, Burnt Umber, and Titanium White.





I painted her earrings with Red Oxide and then a layer of gold metallic paint. I mixed a transparent blackish from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna and added shadows at her feet and a little on her top, and colored her gun, shoes, and holster. I lightened it to grey with Titanium white and painted highlights on her trousers, gun, and holster.







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I painted details on the man with the same gunmetal grey (Phthalo Blue, Burnt Umber, and Titanium White) and painted a connector that will be silver black.







Preliminary thin metallic gold and silver:





Some shadows washed on the greys, first a mix of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna, then a dull violet mixed from Red Oxide, Ultramarine Blue, and Quinacridone Magenta, which also shadows the coat.




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I washed some blue-black mixed from Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue over the Teen Robo Hunter's jacket (and some on her gun and shoes) and added silver for the zipper and hardware.





I mixed it with some Titnium White for a grey and added highlights on the blacks. I added a lot more Titanium White to make a not-quite-clean greyish white for her shoes.







Then I toned things down with some glazes, more of the Burnt Sienna-Ultramarine Blue mix, and a violet from Ultramarine Blue and Red Oxide.






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I washed some blue over the Grace Jones trousers. This is a mix of Phthalo Blue and Ultramarine Blue, made opaque with a little Titanium White.





Intensified the shadows with a mix with no white and lightened some with a mix with more white.







This was a glaze of pure Phthalo Blue. I also added some gold metallics to her bracelets and pendant.





Aand, some turquoise mixed from Phthalo Blue and various levels of Titanium White for her beads and some color on the buttons on her pendant and I think she may be done.







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