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Hasslefree Kickstarter winter adventurers

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Mainly because a user asked me who made a particular miniature and I can't reload the message to answer it. These are the winter or frost versions of the adventurers in the latest Hasslefree Pin Up kickstarter. The bard (blond, cloak, staff) is called "winter erryn" by Hasslefree. 


I have asked on the "bones you would like to see" thread for wintery/frostgrave style Bones figures. 


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      Here are 2 of the pin-up babes from Wargamer LLC's kickstarter Hot & Dangerous.  
      First up Lagertha the Shieldmaiden.  I love how her cloak turned out.  Not so happy with the face, it look pretty terrible in the photos, its not so bad in hand.  I need to get better at thinning my paints I think.

      Rosie the Bowman (the official name).  I did not like the concept art at all, but the finished sculpt turned out great.  I love how she has a lot of spunk.

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      Okay, last one for this evening. These guys are actually completions from a project I started back in 2014 called
      HASSLEFIGHTER 2014!!!!
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      What's fun is that I messed around with some flourescent pigments for his Mohawk. This is him hovering dangerously above our reef tank...

      Joe was originally painted for use in a tabletop game I can't currently remember the name of, but now he may just end up in a shelf or may be destined for someone else's games. Hope you enjoyed it!
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