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Looking great already!


Just a process question: Are you going to paint the hands/arms after you attach them or are you painting them now as you go along and will then attach them? 



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3 hours ago, TheMandolin said:

Looking great already!


Just a process question: Are you going to paint the hands/arms after you attach them or are you painting them now as you go along and will then attach them? 



Thanks very much!  I'm actually painting them at the same time separately, so every time I add a wash I add it to the separate arms and weapons as well.  This is the first time I've tried painting separate pieces and right now for example I only primed the hand and glove on the dear lady and the two hands on the axe of our noble gentleman.  When I get to what I feel is the appropriate point (not sure when that is yet), I'll glue those pieces on, finish priming them and then will probably paint them close to last.

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And started working on their eyes. started with lemon yellow, then put some ghost white over them before “the dot”. Next will color the dot in. Some kind of blue, they’ll be, probably true blue. DF41A25E-622F-4FE6-BB3C-7E80AB3CB714.thumb.jpeg.171606ab1d724ef9174c93c0305f16cc.jpegEDB48AD7-6D9C-4D47-8D3C-D7BDB8904B1A.thumb.jpeg.864eefab15be19254828cff2823ab173.jpeg

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6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

I like where this is going.



I just hope I can get to the end some day...

This morning, blocking out the hair



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Got a little farther tonight. The chick’s tunic is probably more or less done with the white, and got my first few coats for he armor of the guy, which started out with dark elf highlights. Looking too dark in my  photo but still working on it. 66B2C6A3-D6EA-40CF-B038-CBA2B2B8E7F3.thumb.jpeg.692929af82b55d220356eaf92d83fc3f.jpeg0ABCD9FF-4EC3-4308-9286-A9AB5AC5F4C9.thumb.jpeg.d3d8b6bb92bab3cf556514ea6701c621.jpeg

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More WIP photos, getting further, little by little:



Was taking pictures of some other miniatures, so used my normal camera, not my iPhone against a black backdrop...

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    • By ManvsMini
      Hi all,
      Not only is this my first WIP post, it's actually the first pic shared of anything I've ever painted with anyone (excluding family). A bit nervous, but figured I would try it out to help achieve my work goals.
      Got this guy with the first Bones Kickstarter, and always envisioned painting him up like an infernal from the Warcraft universe. (Side question, what is the policy on posting reference material?)

      Right now he's mostly just basecoated and drybrushed with lighter greys, but I'm planning to make some glowing eyes, and some glow coming from between the major cracks between rocks and his fists. It's my first attempt as OSL, so I'm going to go pretty basic. I almost scrapped the glow completely, but hey, fortune favors the bold, right?
      Really glad I got him in Bones. I have a copy of him from the old P-65 line (unpainted, unopened), and there is no way I wouldn't end up dropping him during the course of painting.
    • By Kangaroorex
      To continue the thought I moved on to another that has been haunting me from my shelf of shame; the platinum dragon from the Grenadier dragon lords series
      I have to apologize for the phone pics but I had to rush and my wife's business has sort of taken over the spot I keep my light box

    • By Kangaroorex
      Let's start the season by cleaning out my shelf of shame and accomplish something I've been meaning to do for the last decade or so....
      One of my first big miniature accomplishments I completed as a teenager was the complete painting of the first dragon lords circle by Grenadier the year it came out (in case any of you were wondering how old in actually was) 
      Well I found the set when I was going through my parents things and I wanted to try and do it better with my new skills and paints...  it took about 3 years  it accumulate a second set and then the project got delayed after I completed the black, green, red and white.  Mettalics can be difficult... but no more.  This year I will finish the council!
      So with some renewed interest I took my gold of the shelf and went after it over the holidays, doing the upper scales in Scale 75 metallics and the belly scales using the reaper NMM paint set.

    • By Xiwo Xerase
      Originally, there wasn't going to be a WIP thread for this since I expected to finish in a single evening.  That didn't happen.  And I've been sick this week.
      With "20" miniatures waiting to be painted (not to include Bones 4 coming next month), I need to decrease the amount of time it takes to paint a miniature, defined as going from "primered" to "ready to be sealed".  For this and the next few time trials, I will be focusing on basecoat/wash/drybrush and then neatening up as required, aiming for tabletop quality.
      After about three and a half hours, Garrick has been basecoated and washed.  (The black paint for the base will be done last.)  The colors are intended to be the same as for 14352: Unforgiven, Crusader Grunt.

      (click on the images to see larger ones)
      Two things to improve so far:
      Basecoating took so long because the paints were overthinned, meaning it took more than two coats to get good coverage.  The only paint that didn't have this issue is the Polished Leather used for his belt. The buildup of the base around the integrated base was done using Liquitex blended fibers texture gel, which I found to be less than desirable.  I had hoped the texture gel would yield a texture similar to the broccoli base.  The blended fibers texture gel shrinks a lot when it dries though.  What's seen here is the result after two or three coats.  I would probably have needed another four or five to actually get a rounded hill.  I don't plan to use it again, unless I have a lot more time or I build up a substrate under it first.  I plan to primarily use stamped greenstuff for bases in the future.  
      Things left to do:
      Drybrush. Line. Deepen some shadows, bring out some highlights. Glaze the armor to add more shadow and knock down the reflectivity.  (Note to self: Take a TMM class at ReaperCon this year, if possible.)  
      Constructive comments appreciated.
    • By Shadowphaze
      Welcome to my first ever WIP thread!  Where I try and paint half as good as the rest of you!  
      I love the mousling line Reaper does and the space mouslings were too cute to resist.  I picked up the collector's set on a mystery site too.  If I like this I might use it at Reapercon.
      Some assembly is required...  so stay tuned.

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