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  • Work on La Charra Bust, just maybe finish it.
  • Finish my Xolotl mini ( Oathsworn Armadillo Man)
  • Convert my spare Kaladrax Base to a Jungle Terrain piece which may or may not include some minis.
  • Start another mini for my Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon project.
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I finished the goal I had been working on for 2 years. (bones 2 core set) 

now I am at a bit of a loss.  not ready to commit to a plan for finishing bones 3. (4 painted) 


2 heroforge pieces for commision 

Silver Dragon from bones 2 (as bronze) 

work on Mr. Bones diorama. 



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Well, May was a very slow painting month for me.  I have four figures still stuck in basing, a unit of a dozen vintage orcs about half finished, and I was suddenly inspired to work on something else entirely (40mm Renaissance).  Given the likelihood of increased work stress this month, and a sudden piece of work for my mostly-moribund second job in freelance proofreading, I will either be too busy to paint much, OR desperate to do anything to take my mind off the other problems.  


So, I think my goal is to not worry about painting, and just accept whatever the Muse sends me...

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  • Finish some terrain statues I've been working on
  • Construct the terrain that does on the plinth I have for another miniature I'm working on
  • Start on a new Diorama Idea that's been rolling around my head for a while.
  • Construct the Wood Book ends for another diorama using my new Miter Saw
  • Study more NMM techniques
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This month I have some easier goals in mind

  1. Paint the figure of Wash from my Firefly Adventures game
  2. Paint a Bones figure from the Bone's 3 Kickstarter
  3. Paint another Hasslefree figure
  4. Paint this month's Mithril miniature



My 2018 hobby goals include:

  • Running a Dark Conspiracy RPG for my gaming group
  • Running a Frostgrave/Ghost Arch game at Reapercon in September
  • Painting the 10 miniatures from the hasslefree kickstarter
  • Painting the 6 miniatures from the Going Native kickstarter
  • Painting the 5 miniatures from the Bear's Head kickstarter (on track with two)
  • Continue painting the Monthly Mithril Miniatures (On track with five)
  • Reduce and limit the WIP box (formerly the shelf o' shame) to 6 figures. It currently sits at  >12
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Exactly 3 months without touching my minis except to show some off a couple of times. It was a brutal spring with work and family issues but the worst is over now. The last week I had time to do some stuff but instead watched tv with the kids. My goal is to do anything mini related hopefully starting today.


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Well left off goals last month, so I thought I would post some this month. 


* Finish the rest of my Zcide Black Plague Walkers and Fatties.  


* If I actually manage that... finish the other townsfolk kid I've been working on. 

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OK, so I have a few carried over from last month, but it feels like I got slowed down by some things that were important to learn/improve (eyes, and basing), so I did a few things not on my list because I wanted to improve my skills. I'm going to try to split my list into figures I need done and what I want to work on while doing those figures.


  • Hobgoblins (2)
  • Bugbears (2)
  • Maybe do the 2nd frog
  • Put a seal on everything destined for the gaming table (weather dependent)


Things I want to improve on this month

  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Blending
  • Eyes
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Maybe finish the minis from the May goals. Hopefully I can resist the call of the playstation long enough to actually clear out a sizeable dent this month.

The list as stands:

Fineala, half elf pirate (almost done)

8 Mouslings (partly done)

2 Wizkids Blink Dogs (partly done)

Vampire with Victim (partly done)

DS Necromancer (partly started)

DS Zombie Ogre (skin started)

ss Vampire (undercoated)

Zombie Germans (undercoated, one missing arms need to find those)

Vermina the rat queen (skin mostly done)

Stone Undead Gunslinger (skin done)

Coffee Dwarf Thunderer command group (mostly done)

And a host of misc Bones that have had liner applied.

The most difficult goal this month:

Not opening any more blisters!


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Now that I've wrapped up Blightfang, the only thing left on my painting tray is the dancing girl. So, of course, it's time to drag out some new projects, and they're all gaming related. Since my fellow players have almost all been using my minis for their characters, I've been trying to spiff up the ones they're using. Especially since a bunch of them are old and maybe... half painted? The base colors are blocked in anyway. But it's time to do better. 

So, Joda the asamar monk, Bran the human warlock, and Rin the human barbarian are all getting various levels of upgrades. Here's the plan:

  • Everyone gets new bases to match the ones I did for Thorin and Fulhoff. That'll take care of Rin. 
  • Joda is going to get a repaint. He has golden skin... I'm going to use the NMM Gold Triad for that. 
  • Bran is going to be the most work. The mini is an elf, and uses a shadow rapier, not a double bladed sword thing from 3e. So, conversion work... plus the hair is wrong. Once the base and conversion work are done, then he gets a repaint... Unless I find a mini that'll work better. 

Also coming to my tray is Reaper's Goroloth (aka Aboleth), a mini I never actually expected to paint. But... Apparently there's one we're gonna have to deal with in the next week or two, so... My inspiration is the 2e art, and I'm totally aiming for a tabletop quality paint job. 

We might also be facing fire giants in the future, so the fire giant jailer might see some attention soon too. *sigh*

I don't think my DM appreciates enough that I'm painting up big nasty monsters specifically for her to use to try to kill us.  

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I *started* painting a thing! My KS CAV2 big stompy robots.


Sure, it only has the primer, basic lining and cockpit done, but it already beat all my previous goals this year.


Hopefully, the trend will continue.

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I'm going to go with three for this month, even if a few might be repeats... 


- Finish up the sculpting putty work for Wyrmgear.  Sure, I have at least three more sessions just to get the wings how I want them, and then probably another for his horns and the backpack engine, but that's life.  Bonus points if he's primed! 

- Finish Ebonwrath.  This one is a bit ambitious, but seeing hubby work on his has definitely put a good fire for the forge, or however yo uwant to put it (aka, motivation to push towards competition).  Oh, and this includes building and finishing a base for him too, which is even more ambitious but still. 

- Finish my Skaven Warlord

- I know I said three goals, but I can't resist.. I want to work on, and finish, one of the minis for Furiously Fluffy Howling Hounds too.  This should be doable as hubby and I have found a rhythm where we can play games together, play solo games, and are able to do painting too.  So we think anyways ^_^

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  • Finish Mini Ma'al (only 2 heads and small details left!)
  • Paint the newly acquired Sphinx for Husband's 4E game
  • Continue working on Ma'al proper
  • Come to terms with the fact that I will not in the near future have time to work on the Fire Giants.
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Start painting again. I don't really care at this point what I do, I just need to restart the creativity engine again!!

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      Blame @Bathory for the thread title and unofficial goal for this month...
      If you're like me, you've got a bunch of unfinished projects collecting dust. Rather than start something new, why not finish something old?
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      Its Hobby Goal Time again! Here are mine!
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      --Finish Painting Triceratops Mini for Twitter Exchange Organizer.
      --Pry myself away from my Nintendo Switch long enough to do these things.
      Now what are yours??
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      Ok so early May kinda train-wrecked for me and my family so I really haven't had much time to write it up until now, apologies for the delay.

      Please see the main post here for rules, questions and general chatter, while using this thread to keep a list of links to your show-offs or show-off related comments in a single post: A reminder to please adhere to miniatures posting guidelines as usual.
      All the information you need should be here.

      Due to the revised format, there will be more than one bonus challenge available for this month. Including a "Hard mode" which Is some combination that may or may not have a source behind it.

      May and June 2017

      Your challenge is: 9!

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      Clear Yellow
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      Gem Purple

      Good luck
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