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Nicely painted! Really diggin' the two different colored gloves, the blackened metal weapons, and everything about the back of her legs. I'm not sure about that green though. I can't say why but that specific color doesn't seem to work. A duller desaturated or paler green may have been better. Those two strong primary colors, one on top of the other just looks, off. Could just be me. 


That said, I don't know what Guild Ball is but I looooooove the fact that she has three axes! That's the best dang thing EVER!  *doki doki*


*Huh, I don't think two axes will be enough for all the killing I'm looking to do today...  ◐.̃◐  

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Thanks for all the comments and 'Likes' everybody!


Yeah her green tabbard is a bit on the bright side (it doesn't help that it photographed so shiny), but I was looking for a distinctive group colour to use on all of them as they don't all wear a guild symbol, it should work a bit better on the others as they won't be quite so covered in it.

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