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Nicely painted! Really diggin' the two different colored gloves, the blackened metal weapons, and everything about the back of her legs. I'm not sure about that green though. I can't say why but that specific color doesn't seem to work. A duller desaturated or paler green may have been better. Those two strong primary colors, one on top of the other just looks, off. Could just be me. 


That said, I don't know what Guild Ball is but I looooooove the fact that she has three axes! That's the best dang thing EVER!  *doki doki*


*Huh, I don't think two axes will be enough for all the killing I'm looking to do today...  ◐.̃◐  

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Thanks for all the comments and 'Likes' everybody!


Yeah her green tabbard is a bit on the bright side (it doesn't help that it photographed so shiny), but I was looking for a distinctive group colour to use on all of them as they don't all wear a guild symbol, it should work a bit better on the others as they won't be quite so covered in it.

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    • By aku-chan
      Presenting Veteran Gutter from the game Guild Ball, a damaged young woman who used her trauma to transform into a rage-fuelled murder machine. Originally part of the Union team (haven't painted this version yet), this veteran version marks her move to the Butchers Guild team.
      As I said in her WIP thread, this mini had rather sever moldline and excess flash issues (she's a one piece mini and the areas between her arms, sides and chain were pretty much filled in) which has left the details in a few areas in a bit of a mess, despite that I think she turned out okay.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
    • By aku-chan
      Presenting The Fighter (Echoes of Death version), she's a Kingdom Death: Monster re-imagining of their existing The Fighter mini, who, in turn, was Kingdom Deaths take on a generic fighter class character.
      Quite pleased with this one. She took a while as I kept finding bits I'd missed hiding under her hair, and I rushed her shield in the end (it needs at least one more highlight, but my hands have been really shaky recently and I didn't want to mess it up) so I may put a bit more work in at a later date.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
    • By aku-chan
      Presenting Veteran Decimate, a minor noblewoman turned sword for hire, who was originally a member of Guild Balls mercenary Union team (I haven't painted this version yet), however plot related shenanigans caused her to move to the Brewers Guild team resulting in this new 'Veteran' version.
      Really happy with this one, there's a few things I could do better (her bracers, straps and glove blend together too much), but I think overall it turned out pretty good.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received. 
    • By aku-chan
      Yep, more Guild Ball stuff and a whole set this time.
      See, normally I choose which Guild Ball mini to paint by pulling a random character card out of the box I keep them in (I wish more companies still did character cards, makes it so much easier to add randomisation into the mini choosing process), but these girls didn't come with any, so rather than pack them away and potentially forget they exist, I thought I'd get them done now.
      Plus these are the Veteran versions of the characters, so it'll help having all the colour choices in one place for when it comes to painting their standard versions.
      Presenting the Exiles:-

      These are all characters who originally played for different Guild Ball teams (mostly the mercenary Union team) but for fluff reasons have moved on.
      We've got:-

      Hemlocke (ditzy hedge witch now learning the art of Spiritmancy) and Harriet the Hat (down on her luck engineering student possessed by a magic, and possibly evil, hat).

      Decimate (minor league noblewoman turned formidable sword for hire) and Minx (completely feral forest person).

      Gutter (formally a Stockholm Syndrome suffering princess turned rage-fuelled murder machine) and Honour (badly injured Masons team captain, now Farmers team coach and occasional goalkeeper, with assistance dog).
      Made a small start to Decimate today:-

      Couldn't figure out if she had a shirt on under her vest, decided she looked better without one, just a base of 1:1 Dwarf Skin/Rosy Skin and a Flesh Wash so far.
    • By aku-chan
      Presenting Iron, a hard-hitting member of the Blacksmiths Guild Ball team.
      Managed to get stuck in a bit of a 'Paintings too hard, why bother' funk, so I needed an easy mini to get my groove back.
      I also painted up another bit of Guild Ball terrain, I think this one is a goal post.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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